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When I started my countdown to real football in my sig, it was over 150 days away- NOW, it's less than a WEEK AWAY!


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6 days--NEXT THUR the real season starts. 3 days after that, it's the First falcons game!!!

Yeah, I'm so ready for the season to start, want to see the final cuts, want to see if they grab a wide receiver from another team, will Favre do us a favor?, will the curse hit Brees- don't care, Falcons can take the saints either way, IS HD going to give us that extra oomph the O needs, will Ryan throw screens and throw deep whether or not MM wants to, will people just shut the h##l up about Anderson? JEEZ, get a life, or at least a sense of humor, will Palmer be the surprise they falcons need- can you imagine 2 TE with Gonzo and Palmer? Yeah, I know UDFA, but he's 6'5" & 260, what a weapon for Ryan, man the D could be the equal to the O-mean that in a good way- this team could win some games this year, been saying 12-4 since last season, is it the 12th yet?

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