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VJ, TJ what about PC?


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Crayton is still a Cowboy but if released maybe he would be a better fit for us and cheaper???

What are your thoughts?


ARLINGTON, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Patrick Crayton wants to be released, his agent, Fred Lyles said.

Cowboys wideout Patrick Crayton comments on his status with the Cowboys and how to handle being part of a team while you're on the trading block.

Crayton, who sought a release following April's NFL draft when the Cowboys selected Dez Bryant in the first round, backed off when training camp started. But the Cowboys are leaning toward keeping younger wide receivers such as Kevin Ogletree, Sam Hurd and Jesse Holley. Crayton wants out once more.

"Why wait?" Lyles said after the Cowboys' final preseason game Thursday night. "It is clear the direction in which the organization is moving in. Crayton is not part of the rebuilding plans."

Crayton remained unclear about his future following the Cowboys' 27-25 win over the Miami Dolphins.

"You always wonder what it is," Crayton said about his status on the roster. "I don't know what's going to happen, though." The Cowboys have shopped Crayton but are concerned that an NFC East rival will sign him if he's released.

In six seasons, Crayton has 196 catches for 2,888 yards and 23 touchdowns in 82 games, including 33 starts. He has become a trusted veteran for quarterback Tony Romo.

More on the Cowboys

The Cowboys are also considering cutting or trading Hurd.

"We'll look at all of that," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said. "We think the world of them as individuals and think the world of them as players. Seriously. I'm not, and wouldn't, get into any decisions we're going to make regarding our 53."

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if they would release Crayton, he is one I would look into possibly.

He is kind of whiney though, and makes his business public, so dont know how Smith and TD would like that. Not to mention he wants out because he wants a starting job handed to him, and prolly wants a contract to reflect that.

Nevermind I guess, lol.

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