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Falcons 53


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Quarterbacks (3)

Matt Ryan, Chris Redman and Wilson.

Running backs (5)

Norwood, Turner, Ovie Mughelli, Jason Snelling and Dan Klecko.

Wide receivers (5)

Jenkins, Roddy White, Harry Douglas, Brian Finneran and Eric Weems.

Tight ends (3)

Peelle, Palmer and Tony Gonzalez.

Offensive line (10)

Todd McClure, Justin Blalock, Harvey Dahl, Sam Baker, Tyson Clabo, Will Svitek, Garrett Reynolds, Joe Hawley, and Jose Valdez and Brett Romberg. Mike Johnson to Ir.

.## No one has back-up exper. at center but - Brett Romberg

Offense 26

Defensive line (10)

Lewis, John Abraham, Kroy Biermann, Lawrence Sidbury, Corey Peters, Chauncey Davis, Peria Jerry, Jonathan Babineaux, Jamaal Anderson and V Walker.

Linebackers (6)

Curtis Lofton, Mike Peterson, Stephen Nicholas, Sean Weatherspoon, Coy Wire and Spencer Adkins.

Defensive backs (8)

Grimes, Owens, Robinson, Moore, Dominique Franks, Erik Coleman, Williams and Thomas DeCoud.


Specialists (3)

Bryant, Michael Koenen and Joe Zelenka.

Barring any trades I can't see anything else.

What do you guys SEE?

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QB: Ryan, Redman, Wilson (3)

RB: Turner, Norwood, Snelling, Nance (4)

FB: Mughelli (1)

WR: White, Jenkins, Douglas, Weems, Finneran, Meier (6)(Meier has to make the roster before being put on IR as a rookie)

TE: Gonzalez, Peelle, Palmer (3)

OL: Baker, Blalock, McClure, Dahl, Clabo, Johnson, Hawley, Reynolds, Valdez (9)

DT: Babineaux, Jerry, Peters, Walker, Lewis (5)

DE: Abraham, Sidbury, Anderson, Davis, Biermann (5)

LB: Peterson, Spoon, Lofton, Nicholas, Wire, Adkins (6)

CB: Robinson, Grimes, Owens, Franks, Williams (5)

S: Coleman, DeCoud, Moore (3)

K: Bryant (1)

P: Koenen (1)

LS: Zelenka (1)

Total: 53. Then cut Meier and sign Schillinger/Strickland back on to the active roster.

Practice squad

Strickland (or schillinger)







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