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Out of all the games this year


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So if you head over to nfl.com all of the "experts" are picking Green Bay to win it all. Out of all the games this year I am definitely more excited about this one than any other. All I have been hearing is Aaron Rodgers this and Aaron Rodgers that, I do have them picked to win the NFC North though.

Either way, I want us to lay the smackdown on these cheeseheads and send a message to the rest of the league.

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I got a couple, but if I were to chose one game in particular it would be the MNF game against the Saints. I take so much pride in the Dome, and for us to beat our rivals(the superbowl champs) in our house, in front of the nation, would be awesome!

The other game I am excited about watching is the Ravens game. Just like birdlover said "Maybe we can finally put the Ryan vs Flacco debate to bed". Plus for some reason I have always wanted Turner to run all over their Defense. We gotta watch out for these guys though, they are a good team.

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I would say all of them, but that's a given.

I guess for me, it's MNF. To **** with the Saints - they are in our way! I wanna see Brees on the dome floor looking up into DeCouds eyes asking for a piece of Juicy Fruit, please.

I've never bought into the hype of the Flacco/Ryan deal - I like both of them and think they both are a great fit for their respective teams - however, I love Baltimores defense - and I would love to see our offense tear 'em a new one - so I'm looking forward to that game too.

Then there is the Greenbay game - yeah, I'm sick of hearing how "elite" Rodgers is. He's extremely talented and they have an amazing defense, but like with Ryan, it's way too soon to be labeling him an "Elite" QB. He has great passer skills, but his win/loss record is 17-15 (53.1%) and he's NEVER won a playoff game (as I keep hearing for the argument against Ryan). Ryan is 20-10 (66.7%) and he's never won a playoff game. They've both gotten their team to the playoffs 1 time - and Rodgers is going into his 6th year in the NFL while Ryan is going into his 3rd. Why is Rodgers so "elite"? In my opinion, it's too soon for either of them to be called elite. So, yeah - I want to see us destroy that offense.

Then there's the Bengals game - I just can't wait to see ole Batman and Robin on the field - let's see how Brent-man and Robinson handle 'em!

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Between the Ravens and Packers, I can't really choose.

Both are considered to be heavy Superbowl favorites this year and I can't wait to see how we fare against these two teams.

I didn't choose the Aints because we came close to beating them with backups. At full strength, I know we'll be too much for the voodoo whodoos this year. For that reason alone is why I'm excited we play them early. B)

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Good Grief

This thread has me all Pizzed Off

Flacco Debate

One game at a time.

Good Lord people just in case you did not hear me the First Time

F*** the AINTS

Chill. As Tandy said "It's pretty much a given that all we all look forward to all

the games", We are talking about a personal preference as to what game are we are most

looking forward to.

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I like these answers and I too would of probably picked the Saints on MNF, however, since all the NFL.com “experts” are so high on the Packers making to the Super Bowl, I just want to burst their bubble by proving that they aren’t that elite.

Like Tandy, I never bought into the Ryan vs Flacco debate either, but it would be very nice to beat them and tear up that D!

As for one game at a time, I agree with that, but there will always be certain games that stick out compared to the rest.

For instance, the Browns game doesn’t stick out as much as the ones that have been mentioned. Then again that could just be me.

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