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Summary of Preseason

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Bad & definitely cut:

-Jackson is gone, he got burned couple times & fell down once vs. 2nd teamers. Thought he would be better, but he's really messed up his chances with below average play. It's crazy too because his int against KC was superb. Everything since then has been Chris Houston-like. Bye bye Crisp #2.

-Harvey dropped like 3 catchable balls, missed his route once, called for offensive pass interference which was a correct call, & called for holding on a Norwood TD run. Dude blew it. Funniest part of the night was him whining about the interference call to the freaking waterboy in earshot of coach Smitty. LOL, dumb.

-Antone Smith simply choked big time. Was such a good first run until he caughed it up on the hit. Then he sulked all night, played the rest of the night like he was depressed. Dropped the kickoff in the endzone, luckily Berg was there to down it. Nance played much better than him. Don't think he even makes the PS.


Didn't have a chance anyways, won't make one of the 8 PS spots either:



-Buckley, especially after the flubbed PR turnover. Choke city.

-Weston Johnson



-Schlueter, same as Romberg, can't keep everyone & he's not eligible for the PS


-Strickland, although had a few nice catches, but also had 3 drops, 2 of which hit him right in the hands/numbers, & the other was thrown over his head but he only jumped about 2 inches off the ground expecting to get hit, but he could have made that catch & should have.


On the bubble guys, fate still undecided:

-Bergeron didn't help himself with the dropped TD pass that went right through his hands & should have been caught. If he had caught that, they just might have made room for him. He still made a bunch of good catches otherwise, but that drop is going to hurt him bigtime. He'll be on the PS again.

-Zinger just didn't do anything. Maybe not his fault because there just weren't any pass plays to him, but that could have been by design. He's either the #3 TE or on the PS depending on the Palmer decision. I think PS.

-Bush should make the PS, especially after TD said he's a guy they want to try & develop in the future.

-B. Williams looked slow & got burned twice, once really bad, & I never saw him actually hit anyone hard. If the one guy didn't drop the ball, he would have given up a TD. I'm not so sure he makes the cut, he looked really slow.

-Robert James actually made a few plays in like the last 3 minutes of the game, but absolutely nothing before then. I think it was only Jax had 3rd string in there though. I think he makes the PS if he's still eligible, which I think he is. Although they might cut him simply because of the suspension anyways.

-Klecko will likely make the 53, he's just too versitile. Can play FB, DT in a pinch, & is great on ST. He's really fast for his size & I hear he's the strongest guy in the weight room.

-Nance played better than Smith that's for sure. The saving of that screen play was stellar. I still very much doubt we keep 4 RB's & 2 FB's & they likely won't cut Klecko, so Nance will likely go to the PS. But if we have any injuries to any of our RB's, he will certainly get the call up.

-Romberg didn't do anything special & Hawley is making the 53 so I think he's likely cut. Unfortunate but can't keep everyone.

-Wire I don't believe was even on the bubble. He didn't do anything special, but he's a solid backup & great ST guy. Plus with Adkins getting hurt, he's going nowhere.

-Ryan Wolfe simply has great hands & caught everything thrown near him. Two balls thrown his way but both batted down by a defender & weren't his fault. Never should have been thrown to him. I think he makes the PS but definitely not the 53.

-Bear Woods is all heart & with some pro training, he can maybe develop into something down the road. He's not making the 53 even though he did get a sack in the last 2 mins vs 3rd teamers, but he could have earned a PS spot.


Great game, off the bubble & should make the 53:

-Palmer looked great, I think he's about an 85% shot to be #3 TE instead of Zinger. Runs good routes, catches almost everything. He dropped 1 or 2 but it could be argued those weren't his fault because he was heavily defended once they realize Redman & JPW were keying on him. The ONLY issue with him is I think Zinger is the better blocker of the two. But we'll see, I think he makes it.

-Bryant did his job & all 3 kicks were smack down the middle. I'm still going to blame the missed EP last week on the stupid baseball dirt. He's a career 82.5% kicker & something like 93% career from inside the 35yrd line. He's better than any other available kicker out there.

-Franks is a lock. Not like he wasn't anyways, but he played much better than Jackson & actually played better than Williams too.

-Trey Lewis played lights out. Pushed way inside a bunch of times helping hurry ups & made a bunch of tackles. I think he even got a sack but didn't get credit for it even though he made initial contact. I think they find a way to get him on the 53.

-Willie Mo! Dude just hits people so freaking hard. And man is he fast & flying all over the place. He won't start in front of Coleman, but he'll get plenty of playtime & contribute. He's definitely the future with DeCoud. They are going to be so incredible back there for years to come.

-Schillinger played solid. Except for the ONE play where he had first hit on the RB but bounced off & they scored that TD. That's a big play to give up, but there were 4 other guys who also should have made that tackle & helped. Other that that one play, he made tons of tackles, especially on special teams. And he was covering up receivers great. They never threw his direction because he was covering so well. He really should take that last 53 spot & be the 4th safety & ST shooter specialist.

-Valdez played outstanding. Dude was 10 yards down field blocking at full speed. He took on double-blocks several times (knocking one guy back & immediately hitting the next outside guy). He never let his guy get close to the QB. I think they find a way to get him on, it would be a mistake to lose him, he's really developing well & has incrediblely perfect size.

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I like what you wrote up. Everything was on the real, no nuthugging, no homerisms, just truth. Thanks.

I just watched Hard Knocks and was wondering if Jamal was given an offer like Kellen Clemens. He played an awful lot tonight and it got me thinking about his future. (trade or re-negotiated contract?)

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