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Which Falcons Could Realistically Take our D to the Next Level?


Which Falcons Could Realistically Take our D to the Next Level?  

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  1. 1. Which Falcons Could Realistically Take our D to the Next Level?

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I think there are some solid reasons for optimism on defense this year, but if our D takes it to the next level, we're going to need some player or players to step up and dominate. Which players do you think have the best chance to do that?

The poll accepts multiple votes, if you have more than one.

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Biermann and Sidbury. Improved pass rush will make the pass D's job even easier and create opportunities to force more turnovers and create big plays. This trickles down to our new shiny toy Dunta Robinson turning into the playmaker he is. Same goes for Grimes and Owens.

It all has to start with the pass rush though.

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I felt I should only vote for people that are brining something different than last year.

Even though obviously Lofton is a centerpiece of the defense, he is already bringing A game.

Therefore I went with breakout or new players or players returning from injury in this poll.

I pretty much had the same philosophy. I looked for new players or players I believe stepped up their game. Here are explanations.

First up are two returning players:J. Anderson, and B. Grimes. I know Beirmann and Owens are sexy picks for what they do on the field but I chose the other guys based on how the defense performs when they are not on the field. Neither Grimes nor Anderson played against NE and the D looked very pedestrian. When grimes left Fri it was noticeable. They are crucial pieces in the function of this D.

William Moore - I was really impressed with his tackling and I liked his physicality. To me he didn't look like a guy playing in the NFL for the very first time. This kid could be special.

Weatherspoon - Speed, speed and more speed. Even though he has made a few mistakes, what I noticed about him is that he is always in position to make a play. A turn of the head a split second earlier in the endzone (NE) and he has an int. By mid season he'll be DROY candidate.

Lastly the entire DL rotation. I think I'm going to be really happy with whomever ends up on the roster. My guess is Abe, Anderson, BeerMan, Lewis, Babs,Sidbury, Peters, and Jerry. What was once a weakness is now a strength.


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spoon: we dont have a LB that can run with TEs or line up in the slot and cover a WR other or RB, that was one of our biggest problems last year, he brings speed and enerygy to a defense that frankly didnt seem to have it sometimes....

moore: the guy is what u call an enforcer in the middle of the field, can play both FS or SS because of his range and strength.... came out of a pass happy conference and our S couldnt cover ANY TEs down the seam last year, this guy helps in that area as well...

D-ROB: HOUSTON, HILL, WILLIAMS, they all tried and failed to be wat we wanted out of a #1 CB, a guy who make playes in the run and passing game... d-rob brings that plus his type of swagger to this defense that will help this secondary become known around the leauge.....

thats my three most important pieces to this defense that will take it to another level this year.....

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How bout Everyone on D??

I mean everyone could do a good a$$ job, and just one person make a mistake could cause us the game. If everyone steps up, do their assignment then we gonna have one scary D.

We have the pieces, all it matters is we put it together now..

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