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Is Beerman a better pass rusher than Abraham now?

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Abraham isnt getting any younger. Beerman seems to have a little more motor, and shifty ability to get around the edge. Should Beerman and Abraham swap DE positions?

Beerman isnt even first on the depth chart at his position- hows he going to move abe out?


If hes producing where he is why move him?

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I'll make my assessment on that around mid-season. Abraham is NOT going full speed during pre-season, trust me. (Oh no....I sound like FFS1970 lol)

Abe needs to go full speed in the regular season on EVERY play. I am not going to make a call who is the better pass rusher now, I only know that a player with Biermanns motor and Abe´s talent would be unstoppable.

We will see in regular season if Abe will work hard on every down. If he does, he will be a double digit sack player again. If not, then we might move on to the young DEs we have in 2011.

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no. in either the first or second series of the Pats game Kroy was at RDE and abe was LDE and the LT was blowing Kroy off the line. When they switched back Kroy did much better against the RT.

Matt Light is no lightweight. He's a Pro Bowl LT for a reason.

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No. It all boils down to experience.

Do you think Abraham would have been pancaked like Beerman did the last game?

Beerman is going to be great.

Abraham has been great. He is just slower now. However, he has the experience that if Beerman had would be absolutely amazing on the field.

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