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Just a warning about Mike Peterson

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Hey Jedi

Did you not get my memo last night?

Pete will play the bulk of the season as Spoon adjust to the game.

As Pete wears down Spoon will take over.

We avoid 2 issues here, Spoon avoids the Rookie wall and Pete gets rested in the second half of the season.

Brilliance never Sleeps.

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We have added another starter to the mix. That will mean less playing time for Peterson keeping him fresh farther into the season.

Agreed, it's a win/win situation. Peterson stays fresh, and Weatherspoon isn't rushed into anything.

Witherfork. I think that's who you're talking about. ;)

Seriously, anyone hear Randy/Baldy one call him "Wither"spoon last night?

I didn't hear that, but I did hear 'Brian Finnerman'

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He is a beast early in the season, but remember he wears down bad halfway thru the season. Remember last year. Just saying.

I know that but have been thinking since Da Spooner was drafted how perfect it may be to work him into the fold to take over for the veteran leader mid season. Lofton is becoming the voice and the enforcer and I think Peterson knows his role and is a team player so the transition may be perfect.

I think the Falcons front office is savvy enough that when they brought him in they said "Hey Mike, I love what you can do, love the attitude, you'll get paid, but help the team bring in the next generation." I think that is obvious by various quotes from Peterson that he is bring Spoon up whereas Favre said his job was not to help Rodgers.

Getting older in NFL terms is inevitable so go out with class, more appreciation from the fans/staff, and a bigger check than the GTFOOH method. Make your last move one of class than a malcontent. That is the last memory people will have of their career.

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