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Give me a bigger signature photo!


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You guys are not playing with the 500X150. I tried to upload a sig that was 300X151, and no go.

For reference, that signature is so small it cannot be seen by the human eye.

I am all for a size limit, as some were ridiculously large before the switch over. This new limit prevents sigs of about 99.8% of all football photos. Even 500X200 would allow a lot more sizes.

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No kidding. I didn't realize joining Pure Football got me anything other than access to the board. I lost my Pure Football status in one of the board migrations, and never bothered to do anything about it.

Question: How does Jp7833 have two giant photos in his sig? I remember his sig being one of the most annoying ones on the board, because it takes about 4 minutes to scroll past it. We have the new requirements, and he's still got the huge sig.

I agree with iDash, in that 300 pixels is still pretty small, but would allow for some sigs big enough to actually show a photo of something.

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