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Hey Folks,

I'm rather new to the forum, and I figured if ever there was a place for my forthcoming rant, it would be here.

I didn't see any other posts to this point, so...

Not often do I come across something so clearly offensive that it gives me cause to complain to the source. But today I found just that.

To wit, click the link below:

CNNSI gallery

Looking at it...do you see anyone who's noticeably absent? Anyone who isn't the named player (which he should be), never mind that he also isn't included in the "runner up" or "worthy of consideration" categories?

It just so happens they left out a five-time all-pro, a six-time pro bowler -- a four-time hall of fame finalist. They left out someone who just so happen to, contrary to popular belief, have popularized the "head-slap" maneuver most attribute incorrectly to Alan Page.

Obviously I speak of none other than Claude Humphrey.

Apparently the folks at SI.com believe Dwight Clark and his two Pro Bowls is better. Clark and Ben Coates. Sure, Clark was a part of two Super Bowl winning teams. But I think it's objectively fair to say he wasn't NEAR the player Humphrey was. And that's SI's criteria in this gallery: best player to have worn the jersey number.

I got so incensed I sent SI.com an e-mail. Not that it'll do any good. But I sent one anyway.

Just thought I'd voice my frustration in the most proper place.

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That list is all sorts of fail. Donovan McNabb is greater than Paul Hornung? Rapistberger is runner up to number 7?

Bartkowski getting runner up nod behind Tarkenton is acceptable. Tarkenton was special.

I take great exception to some nobody like Tom Brady being listed ahead of Chris Chandler as the greatest "12" ever, though.

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Otto Graham

Yes, it’s Otto again. Graham wore No. 60 from 1946 to 1951 before rules changes prompted him to switch to No. 14., a number deemed for quarterbacks. He was the AAFC MVP in 1947 and co-MVP in 1948.

Runner-up: Chuck Bednarik

Worthy of consideration: Tommy Nobis, Otis Sistrunk

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/1008/nfl.best.players.by.jersey.number.50-99/content.11.html#ixzz0xfIpIt8T

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