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Matt Ryan on espnradio 1:45 EST 8/26

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SVP commented on michael turner importance. Ryan obviously agrees.

SVP asked if he thought they were a playoff team last year. Ryan explained yes and after being eliminated and still staying focused on winning towards the end showed good work ethic.

SVP asked ryan about 18 game schedule. Ryan conpared it from going from ncaa to nfl and adding toll on body. 2 additional games and would need other things be worked out i.e. player roster etc.

SVP asked ryan about lockout is "how real." Ryan said, "preparing for worst hoping for best."

SVP asked opener on PITT "what is most important thing?". Ryan said, "consistency in all 3 phases." Training camp preparation has given ATL a chance but now must go walk the walk.

Pretty dry interview in my opinion, but always good to get ATL talk nationally...

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