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For all of you fans of SEC teams, if you could have the pick of all players from opposing teams in the SEC to join your team for the upcoming season, who would it be? Take one on offense and one on defense.



Add A.J. Green (WR -- Georgia) -- Pairing A.J. with Julio Jones would just be unfair to defensive coordinators. We have really missed that second receiver to compliment Julio the past two seasons -- A.J. and Julio would compliment each other very well.


Add Patrick Peterson (CB -- LSU) -- Alabama's biggest weakness going into this season is a young and inexperienced secondary. Peterson is about as good as it gets as a cover corner.

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For this year I'd say Ryan Mallett, I trust in Aaron, but it would be foolish to think that he can put up the kinds of numbers that Mallett will this season, and another season pf maturation couldn't hurt Aaron. You add Ryan to AJ Green, Orson Charles, Rantavious Wooten, and Tavares King and I think Georgia would be throwing all over people, and the great runningbacks in Ealy and King couldn't hurt.. Quite simply, our offense woul be close to unstoppable. On defense I couldn't argue against Hightower, a good 3-4 linebacker would only help to solidify our defense. Ialso wouldn't mind Janoris Jenkins at corner, or Patrick Peterson for that matter.

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On offense it's Ryan Mallet. You put him in our offense with our running game, offensive line, and wideouts and we are talking possibly the best offense in the country.

On defense i would take patrick peterson to start opposite brandon boykin. that would be one of the best set of starting cbs out there and would really help our transition to the 3-4.

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