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Any Word on Peters?


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Chill my Falcon brothers(and sisters)

Jay Adams said no ligament damage.

And this is what Mike Smith had to say...

Rookie DT Corey Peters (knee) missed both practice sessions Saturday. But coach Mike Smith suggested Peters' injury isn't too serious by saying, "He's not out of the mix."

...You can exhale now.

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Mike Smith also said they will not talk about minor injuries, and will only release info about major injuries.

My take is unless a reporter asks repeatedly and specifically they will not talk about it, and even then they will do their best to evade. Patriots model of injury reporting, which means lie, cheat and deny until the player is well and back on the field.

We may hate it, but unless they are going to be done for large chunks of time and/or have to be put on official injury report then you just will not hear anything.

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