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TV Coverage - Did you DVR or DVD-R?


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Heard that the Falcons players throwing gloves, hat and sweat bands to my kids in section 121 was on the post game. Evidently a minute+. Would love to have a mpeg file of that part of game.

Any techno heads with access and a desire to make a couple kids very happy. PM me... Muchos Gracias...

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#44 is the number my dad, my sister and I wore in Pennsylvania HS athletics... I wore it later in college... Kind of a family tradition... But I do like Jason Snelling...

I caught several gloves and gave them to my 6 year old son and 9 year old daughter... Not happy about the game... Especially kicking and short pass defense... But definitely happy to see the twinkle in a kid's eye when they get a "gift" worn by a player...

My kids really want to see the clip... Thought maybe someone here might have access...

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