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Mike Smith. Spying on the Patriots.

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Was a brilliant move. In picture #1 Smitty works his way into the offensive huddle, slowly, keeping a good distance, not too close but not too far. He doesnt look suspicious, but is close enough that anyone on the sideline who turns to look at this scene would not question him being there. He looks like he belongs there, esp. with his hat, and staring down at his notes.

Picture 2 is where he made his move. He walked over to the sideline, no-one questioned him. Belichik was oblivious, and Smitty moved in right beside him without anyone knowing what just happened.

NOW THIS is how you SPY on other NFL teams.

I Bow to Coach Mike Smith. Awesomeness.

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Anyone that thinks that Mike Smith was standing in the middle of the Patriots practice area for "fun" is a ru-tard. He was there for a reason, and that reason had nothing to with "fun". Smitty was there observing and examining and learning things.

Or him and Belli could have just been talking about what drills they wanted to run next, and he was probably standing back there helping coordinate the drills.

I must say that your reasoning is far more entertaining than what the truth probably is. It did make me laugh.

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