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I have dug up prehistoric shark teeth fossils that are 4.5 million years old

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If anyone might be interested, or has contacts to museums that might be interested, please message me on my Facebook. My link

These have been radiometry tested for accuracy. I have 3 pounds of this stuff. I am looking for serious collectors only. Private message me if interested. I am also willing to pay commission if you can connect me to a serious investor.


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Here is a sample that I sent for testing at LSU.


The teeth are from juvenile megaladon - the very first predators known to swim in the oceans ever recorded. If interested please contact me on Facebook.

Jedi, Why didn't LSU take'em from you and grease your palm? I'm sure they have a museum and an anthropology/archeology dept. If for no other reason, they would make good research and study pieces for the students lab/clinical work, right?

U of Miami has a very good Marine Biology/Oceanography dept. So does Barry University in Miami.

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