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I speak for all Saints fans when I say, this kid is an embarassment to our fanbase.

You are just jealous. He reads, writes, and can post videos on the internet. He knew Matt Ryan was our QB and that we were playing KC which is more football facts than any saints fan has ever gotten right. Clearly he is the pinnacle of your fanbase.

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Its our fault.

The world blames McDonalds and schools, but I have two kids who I have to watch 24-7 because the nut jobs in the world.

They never get any private time outside in the real world to run around in the wood to be a kid, because I am afraid of the adults we let lose on good behavior.

those are the type of kids that hit 18 and go wild. You have to let your kids have some freedoms when they are young or you will regret it later in life.

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