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Placekicker Battle in Baltimore Ravens Camp - Falcons should snatch loser of this Placekicker battle


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Both of these guys have had their ups and downs in the NFL just like most kickers. However, I think both - at this time - and in past have performed better and are better kickers than Matt Bryant and the Hauscha(sp?) guy.

Graham is a very good kicker but struggled in playoffs last year for Cincinnati.


Cundiff may have taken early lead

Its still far too early to determine the teams primary kicker, but it might not be too far-fetched to say that Shayne Graham might have fallen off the pace a little bit.

The 10-year vet converted a 32-yarder in the first quarter of the teams 17-12 win against the Carolina Panthers Thursday night, but his did push a 50-yarder wide right with 1:11 left before halftime.

I thought I did OK, Graham said afterwards. I dont accept ever missing as being part of a great performance or anything. Through pre-game, we learned how the wind patterns were and you saw the ball travel. Feeling the wind pattern on the 50-yarder, it felt like it was going to start right and blow back to the left a little bit with the wind in the face. It just didnt move as much as I thought it did. I thought I hit the ball well. Gave it a chance to get there, and it just didnt go the way I had planned it to.

Billy Cundiff didnt attempt a field goal, but he converted two extra points and two of his three kickoffs resulted in touchbacks.

Graham drove his only kickoff of the night seven yards deep into end zone for a touchback in the first quarter.

One kickoff was all I got, and it went in the end zone, he said. So really, thats about all we could ask for. I know Billy did a good job on his kickoffs. When you leave the game and all you have is one kickoff and one touchback, Im not going to be completely upset

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yes, so.........

your point is what? Cundiff > M. Bryant & Hauschka

Cundiff being better than Bryant and Hauschka has yet to be seen. According to that article you posted he (Graham) also missed a 50+ yarder Thursday night, which is the same thing that happened to our kickers (and KC's) last night.

Some of you act as if making 50+ yard FGs are easy or routine. Overreacting by calling out our kickers because they can't make them with ease is unrealistic.

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