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Excellent First Game

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We saw several guys step up tonight:

Chevis Jackson - What a difference Tim Lewis has made with this young man. We actually saw a corner jump a route besides sitting back worried about support behind him! Awesome pick dude!

Dan Klecko - A blocking Beast!

Shann Schillinger - Pick and Run but it was his positioning that impressed me. Again Kudos to Tim Lewis!

Jose Valdez - Maybe he does make the team after all. Anybody see Johnson or Hawley? Me niether.

Chris Peters - He don't look like no rookie! That guy penetrates!

Michael Palmer - Motion....Hands....Like this guy a lot.

Bear Woods - Manning the Middle and looking like a player!

Sid Akins - 6 tackles. Guess he can play.

Chris Owens - Extremely Physical play from not the biggest CB! Great anticipation and tackling.

Sidbury - Some OT form KC got hit by a truck!

Bierman - always awesome.

Nance - Forget the yards per carry. Its the catch a runs that caught my attention.

John Parker Wilson..........you are the future young man. Insurance against losing Matty. Poised and Potent!

WE are a DEEEP DEEEP unit right now. I don't remember a Falcons unit this deep. Would have liked to see them throw downfield more to get a good read on our young wideouts but the O line wouldn't cooperate. Maybe Next Week.

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I am not dissing JA98. He just did what I thought he should do. I have defended that dude from day one. Check my posts. What I tried to illustrate is pleasant and unexpected contributions. 98 is gonna break camp with us. Not in danger of getting cut at all IMO. I was just focused on the other guys.

Can't say enough about Tim Lewis influence on the secondary play. Welcome to the ATL Mr. Lewis. You have my respect! It's only one game and see a positive differnce! Agressive secondary play!

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