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Kerry Meier will look like this when he gets to play on our offense.(highlights inside)

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once Kerry Meier cracks the line up i hoping he will b a clone of Kevin Walter for the Texans...i feel like they have the same playing style (not burning speed, great separation, great hands) and they also r the same size Kerry Meier(6'2 225) Kevin Walter (6'3 220). i think Kevin Walter is a realistic player Kerry Meier can turn into which is a GREAT thing! leme kno what u dirty birds think!!!!

BTW Kevin Walter put up legit numbers as the 3rd option last year 53 rec,611yds,2TD..year before it was around 800yds 8TD

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Situationally or whoever is covering the slot (DRC this week) Meier has the size/strength while HD has the shake out of the slot. Which ever style gives us the mismatch considering the defender is who will play the slot unless ofcoarse HD is out this week. I think Weems will take HD's place as the quick option out of the slot. He runs stronger. I wish Weems could prove to be a guy we get the ball to in open space or on the run(slants) providing yds after the catch ala Welker.

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Nelson was in year 3 before he became a real weapon. Walters was in year 5. Meier does not even have one year of experience. Let him prove what he is. I think when guys are drafted they all have potential. They also could be the next Freddie Mitchell or just another ordinary guy.

I just don't like the bumping for a guys that has yet to even show signs of life as a player. Have we learned nothing form even more highly touted guys like J. Anderson, P. Jerry or Chris Owens?

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