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Accused Serial Killer Arrested In Atlanta


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Since it seems like his attacks were race related against Black males, perhaps he was trying to hit the jackpot?

The thing in the article that stood out to me is the part where they mention that the local media outlet (WSB???) just happened to be on hand when the arrest went down. I guess WSB has some pretty strong roots into the local police department and maybe even the FBI.

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Atlanta is the black mecca of the south... he would of went into a frenzy down here

Plenty of people moving to this city that aren't black. That's why we are the fastest growing big city in the country.

And if blacks are moving down here from up north, then more power to them. Keep comin'.

We have some backwards a** mofos in this town from the crack dealers to councilmen. All raised on the Georgia Public School System that ain't got a clue.

I looked it up the other day and Georgia is 3rd or 4th on the list for majority population of uneducated blacks. Why did I look this up? Because Atlanta lacks a black middle class.

You have rich black people, and poor black people. The rich black people I know (not too many because I'm not rich myself) have the most disdain for poor people that I've ever met. And since the majority of Atlanta's poor is black, they don't hold back on their comments. They don't have to; they're black and tell it like it is.

This city has so far to go it isn't even funny.

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The fact that serial killers aren't captured in Atlanta every month is proof positive of FBI (not mine) profiling that most serial killers are white. That said, I do remember Wayne Williams back in the day and I remember thinking, "Rog from Good Times could kick that guy's ***, and ReRun would make him his biyatch..." lol

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