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Falcons vs Jags Training Camp Pics (Aug 10th, 2010)


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Spoon Pics

The Defense played on the other field today,

No Switch Coach :angry:,

New England comes on Monday

I will be PO if it happens with Brady going vs our D,

so not many pics of D Today

It was the opposite this morning...

We saw all the D this morning, matt was on the far field most of the time.

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I think I saw Norwood dressed out; thats a good sign.

Hawley looked like a giant compared to the jag guys around him.

thanx for the pics.

Norwood wore a jersey, but he is still out. Hopefully , he will be cleared soon



Hawley showed great effort and he got into a fight, but Dahl Abused/Wore him out him in the Drills!


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I was next to Stats in a couple of Pics,

Jamal Anderson calling out Stats to play DT!


Stats sending the Jags off with His special,

GoodBye, The Falcons Rule Speach!


In this one,


With Jenkins Out!

I was asking TD ,


to bring in WR/KR/PR Patrick Crayton from Dallas

--> who wants to be traded,

because he is 4th on the Cowboys Depth Chart!


Our Wr Depth is Sicking, IMO

1. Roddy Kicks A


---> 3rd down Finn can catch- Ryan's BFF

Jenks Hurt,

He still a 3rd wr at best,

3rd down Specialist, like Finn, though

Slot HD/Weems will kick A

But the rest, Naah!

When Our Wrs dont get open Matt Ryan throws the balls into the Stands~

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