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Madden finally got the seats correct

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They already announced they are going to patch it so you can do it the old way, there was so much negative feedback.

Thank god.

I haven't taken the time to see if I can change the controls, but I hate the fact that the pump fake is not tied to the right thumbstick as well.

It'd be one thing if the gameplay were a little different when comparing Madden & NCAA (afterall, they are two different games), but I dislike the fact that EA has always felt a need to have these annoying differences between the controls of the game.

An example is the pump fake.

In NCAA, you use the right thumb stick. In Madden, I believe it's the right bumper.

WTF is the point in that?

I'm also not a fan of the kicking. I like using the thumbstick. The way it is now takes me back to the old days.

The overall feel of the game just does not seem to be on NCAA's level this year.

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