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New to the boards,NOT to the birds!

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Whats up family?!I've been entertained for a few years now,reading these boards almost every day.To me,ur all pretty awsome in ur own special ways.Anyway,brief on me...32,married(freshly),2 kids,dog,house blah blah,Been a Falcon fan since I was old enuff to pick my own favorite team."Well Steez,why did u pick Atlanta?"Good question,I was watchin the Bills 1st SB game with my cousin(HUGE Bills fan!),and I said..."Yo G,what is the worst team in the NFL."In which his "opinion" was Atlanta.I stated "Atlanta from this day till I die will be my #1!"So,theres the short on how I am a Falcons fan!!Got the tatt's(yes,plural),and game stubs to prove it.EVERY single sunday for the past 6 years,I have gone to the same bar to watch my beloved dirty birds play.SO,yes,Im an addict of sorts.But that lets u all know I AM 4 REAL,into my Falcons.I look forward to being a possitive addition in these boards,and as I am a "newbie" 4 now,I expect to RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATL 4 LIFE.............

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Thanx all,& special thanx NZ for believin in me,i gunnin for rookie of the year on these boards!!

Welcome Steezy. Glad that you're here brother.

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