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Weatherspoon apparently decapitated a Jag today


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LOL as much as I love SPOOOOON and as awesome as that hit looks (brilliant photo work by the way)

I can see why some teams had their reservations about his communication on the net and just the way that he will talk n talk n talk.

Personally I love it!! He brings a new character to the team, a bundle of energy. More importantly he will back it up with his play. Nothing more gets on my nerves than someone who is all mouth and no trousers.

He is a smart guy too, I don't think he will be a player that is constantly running his mouth about what he has done, especially not in a way that starts to portray him negatively. But I do believe that in a 2 or 3 years even though Lofton will remain our Ministry of Defence up in the middle. Teams are gonna know they are in SPOOON Country when they come to the Dome.

I think it could be quite fun if when Spoon gets a sack or puts a big hit on someone the SPOOOOOOOON chant goes out amongst the sound of people either clinking big *** ladles together or may be even an official team merchandised SPOOON clapper (probably just as stupid as the Vuvuzelas, but at least it is relevant)

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