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Who Starts for Jenks?

With Jenkins injury, Who starts opening day?  

85 members have voted

  1. 1. With Jenkins injury, Who starts opening day?

    • Harry Douglas
    • Brian Finneran
    • Eric Weems
    • Kerry Meier
    • Brandyn Harvey
    • Ryan Wolfe
    • Other

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Ok. Everybody has an answer. Lets do our own poll: Recievers in our offense must block! So I give the upper hand to Finn with Meier as a dark horse second choice to start. Would we start Peele and slot out Tony G wide. Everyone weigh in on this. I am tired of sportwriters who don't know our Falcons muddying the waters!

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I'm the only guy that voted for Weems so far. It might not happen, but Harry's still on one a day's, so I think they will continue bring him in slowly. Finns going to get his share too, but it's a fantastic time to see what Weems can do. I put him over Meier just for the sake of experience. It's time for Weems to put up.

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All you people voting for HD just don't have a clue.

Yeah, lets run the same offense as last year but with a 6'0" 180lb guy on the outside vs. CB's. Heck with the overwhelming complaint that we needed a guy in the middle who can open up the field & decrease the double-teams on receivers. Let's just do the same thing as last year, it didn't work too well then but it'll work better now because....????

Guys, HD is going to be our slot receiver, period. He might actually switch on & off as the #2 pass option with Gonzo, but he's NOT GOING TO BE THE WR outside in the flanker spot. That's dumb.

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That's the beauty of our team on offense. I love Jenks blocking but lets look at this. Roddy=Stud, Gonzo=stud, Tuner=stud, heck, why not throw Meier out there? I say no to HD because I still think he is best suited in the slot.

Regardless of who it is its like coach always says when someone gets injured. "its just an opportunity for another guy to step up in their absence."

man the best man win....

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Gotta go with Douglass, but it's still the preseason, and until I see the rest play I can't say for sure now. I am basing this on my observations as to - BEFORE HE GOT INJURED. As I am sure most everyone else is, HIGH HOPES so to speak.

After the preseason if Jenkins - and OH BY THE WAY HIS LAST NAME IS NOT JENKS, show the man some respect!!! Do you not remember his Catch again DA' Bears with 1 second to go???? to name one. He was the player who caught Matt Ryans first professional pass in the NFL for a TD.

Jenks, uh, NO, I don't think so. He's on this team for a reason, when one player is off or out it effects the entire function of the offense or defense, same could be said about Peria Jerry being out for the season on defense, and the player who gets blamed for it a lot of time is not necessarily the player responsible.

For example, the ball is being passed to you when the route was designed for another player on the other side of the field.

Either way. Jenks, is not a cool way to put it, it's like saying "JINX". Just my opinion.

Either way, I say Harry Douglass, but like I said, let preseason play out and ask this question again.

Don't get me wrong, I am not don't to try and say that Michael Jenkins didn't drop a lot of passes, I am just saying, he's caught a lot of important passes also. No reason to diss a FALCON player.


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i voted fin but douglas is second on that list at this point, finn is coming off an injury, HD is coming off an injury (ACL). douglas may not be ready to lay down a block early in the season, thats something jenkins excells in, with that the edge goes to finn who in my opinion is less scared to block with his size and experience.

i also beleive we will see other guys in jenks spot other than douglas and finn. meir and weems. but when douglas is in a the 2 spot will weems play slot? i think we will see some variations this year early. we need a guy that can lay the block situationaly at this point.

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I didnt vote since I honestly cant decide between Harvey and Meier. Meier have gotten the hype so far, but I must admit that I was very impressed with the way Harvey was blocking, predraft. If they really are looking for a solid blocker only, Harvey might be the better option.

I say might be, cause I have no idea how Meier blocks. Finneran is a great person, great falcon but I think its time to part ways. His knee cant take the toll of being a pure #2 imho.

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