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2010 Atlanta Falcons Draft Redux


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Obviously I don't think I would have done as good a job as Thomas Dimitroff would have up to this point - so don't really think I'm smarter than him when it comes to personnel. For Starters, i might have taken Dorsey over Ryan - that right there would screw up everything.....

just thought it was interesting to go back with perfect 20/20 hindsight and knowing where players got picked - how would I have done it differently for 2010 NFL Draft - as relates to Falcons - here goes:

1-19) pick: Sean Weatherspoon, WLB-Missouri - I love the pick. If Brandon Graham would have fallen to #19 I would have taken Graham due to the positional value. However I love 'Spoon and given how the draft fell, my pick: Sean Weatherspoon, WLB-Missouri

3-83) pick: Corey Peters, DT-Kentucky - I think Peters is a decent pick at a position of depth need. However, in first three rounds I would be looking for impact players that can start. I know this will be controversial but I think the best value on the board was Navarro Bowman who is an OLB from Penn State. I think both Bowman and 'Spoon would be eventual starting OLBs on opposite sides of Curtis Lofton for years to come - I know there were a few concerns about character w/ this guy but I read them and did not scare me away - my pick: Navarro Bowman-OLB-Penn State

3-98) pick: Mike Johnson, OG-Alabama - first, confession - Mike Johnson was not on my radar screen so I may not have picked him. However, upon reflection I think this was a very good pick and I think this guy evenutally starts at one of the guard positions and is more talented than either Dahl or Blalock. my pick: Mike Johnson, OG-Alabama

4-117) pick: Joe Hawley, OC-UNLV - I think this was one of the most dubious selections in Dimitroff's choices over last few years. While Hawley may be a "find", I don't think that many teams were on his scent (who knows though) and I think Hawley could have been had much deeper/later in the draft. At one point I liked Perrish Cox-CB in the 1st round for Falcons. Again, another player with some very minor issues off the field that I think would check out fine. If nothing came up in background that was not already out there, I'm taking him. my pick: Perrish Cox, CB-Oklahoma State

5-135) pick: Dominque Franks, CB-Oklahoma - this was a great pick by Dimitroff. I know that I just took Perrish Cox above - but look at Jets with Revis, Cromartie and then drafted Kyle Wilson in 1st round - you can never have too many good corners. I am going to keep Dimitroff's pick here and now Falcons would finally have CB depth with Dunta Robinson, Chris Owens, Brent Grimes, Perrish Cox and Dominque Franks - three of those guys can return kicks as well. All the other corners are getting cut but I have five corners here who can all contribute and three of them can return kicks/punts. my pick: Dominque Franks, CB-Oklahoma

5-165: pick: Kerry Meier, WR-Kansas - I think Meier is a decent WR with some upside but there is nothing there that screams "starter" and guys like this are UDFA every year and I don't see the need to draft a guy like this when more talent is still available on the board. Falcons and everyone else downgraded Greg Hardy, DE-Ole Miss for some questionable attitudinal issues and lengthy injury history but at the end of the 5th round is the intersection of "risk vs. reward". Hardy has 1st round ability and is worth a flyer here. Post-mortem: Greg Hardy is said to be "tearing it up" right now in Panties training camp. my pick: Greg Hardy, DE-Ole Miss

6-171: pick: Shann Shillinger, S-Montana - Given the Falcons "deserving love" for Thomas DeCoud and "hopeful love" of William Moore to go with the solid play of Erik Coleman - I don't see the need for drafting a back-up safety who will be nothing more than "maybe" a special teams ace. I think Joe Hawley may have dropped all the way to here (50/50) had the Atlanta Falcons not selected him in the 4th round. If he was unavailable, then Ted Larsen-OC NCST was available and may be as good of a prospect. my pick: Joe Hawley, OC-UNLV or Ted Larsen, OC-NCST

G-Dawg's "hindsight 20/20" 2010 Falcons Draft

#1-019) Sean Weatherspoon, OLB-Missouri

#3-083) Navarro Bowman, OLB-Penn State

#3-098) Mike Johnson, OG-Alabama

#4-117) Perrish Cox, CB-Oklahoma State

#5-135) Dominque Franks, CB-Oklahoma

#5-165) Greg Hardy, DE-Ole Miss

#6-171) Joe Hawley, OC-UNLV

Now, I'm sure the criticisms of the above draft will be that I did not address the WR or DT positions like Dimitroff did in his draft - true. Also a criticism will be that I "doubled up" on corner and linebacker positions - also true. The third criticism will be that Bowman, Cox and Hardy all have potential character/off-field issues - also true.

Regarding the criticism of WR/DT lack of pick is valid, sometimes I just think you have to pick where the talent is and - in this year and the way the board fell, there was not good value at D-Tackle at our selections.

Regarding doubling up on CB/LB, Falcons need talent and numbers on defensive side. Bowman is a borderline 1st round/2nd round talent and he could start by year #2 along w/ Spoon to form one of the best linebacker trios in all the NFL ('Spoon/Lofton/Bowman) - that would be fun to see. On CB position, Perrish Cox who I have always liked showed well so far w/ Broncos playing corner. it would be smart to "stock up" on corners as injuries happen and the need to play 4 corners in nickel situations begs for depth.

As far as the character issues go, I'm sure one out of the three might not pan out but I did not see any serious flaws w/ any of them - you gotta take a few chances - look at Vikings getting Randy Moss in the late twenties and Bucs getting Warren Sapp in the teens. Sometimes you take a chance.

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I don't know about drafting two LBs and two CBs.

If I had to do one:

1. OLB Sean Weatherspoon

3. OT Jason Fox

4. DT Geno Atkins

5. WR Kerry Meier

6. DE Greg Hardy


your numbers don't even add up, bro......there were 7 picks..

I don't like "reaching" for players....think my draft above is grabbing value at most each pick. I think while it certainly was not a must to draft 2 LBs and 2 CBs - i would argue w/ anybody who says it was not still a need. Falcons don't have such depth at those positions to eschew talented players.

i think that the Miami Tight End could have been picked in 3rd round as well instead of the LB - if that makes you happy (Jimmy Graham, TE-Miami)

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apparently you really are Thomas Dimitroff, huh?

Well, i WAS going to have a new game this year after the draft , which would have consisted of Who would you have picked , Where we had to take a player that was still available. And for the sake of the game not be able to take any picks that we got, It would be fun for sure , But this years draft was one that I couldn't say much about. I think for sure I would have taken someone else with our last pick ,but that is about it. Oh yeah , I wanted Brandon Graham really bad but since he was long gone like I thought he would be. I really do like the pick of Spoon.

I usually have at least 2 or three picks that I would have taken a player I had pegged. But not so much this year. No stand outs which is good. I had 2 of the picks in my top 2o and 3 in my top 21. Buy just like Meier , I didn't have him anywhere but I'm glad they did.

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I disagree with the Bowman pick because I definitely thought we needed another DT. ****, at times, I wish we signed John Henderson when we had a chance.

So, I'd either keep Peters or go with Atkins.

Even after we drafted 'Spoon, I still wanted one LB in particular: Jamar Chaney.

After watching him play, I thought he was a stud that could not only hit and do all the dirty work, but he was also excellent in coverage. Furthermore, after checking in on Chaney's twitter from time to time (pre and post-draft), the guy seems to really love playing the game and putting in the hard work.

To be honest, I was more impressed with him than I was 'Spoon. It was shocking to me to see Chaney fall as far as he did. However, I would've loved to pair those two together on the outside with Lofton anchoring the middle. Chaney & Spoon actually seemed to be pretty cool with eachother, as Chaney was the one who introduced the term "HAM" to 'Spoon.

The Eagles really pissed me off, though. They drafted the two players I wanted the most: Graham & Chaney. LOL.

With all of that being said, I would've liked to see Chaney drafted over Hawley.

Another pick that I might've disagreed with was the Hardy pick. It's not so much that I disagree with picking Hardy---because, like you, I liked Hardy all along---but I was just higher on my boy Joe Webb.

I thought he could develop into a solid WR that might one day take over Jenkins' #2 spot. If not, he still has the unbelievable athletic ability that would give defenses fits as a #3/#4 WR. If he were invited to the combine, he would've had the longest broad jump, the highest vertical, the biggest hands, and (I believe) a top 3 40 time (was in the 4.4's) for a guy that's 6'4, 225 lbs. Couple all of that with the fact that he played QB in college, you got yourself a guy that can both run and throw out of the wildcat and be used for other trick plays out of various formations (think Hines Ward or Randle El).

Like Dimitroff & Co., after not getting Graham, I was content with giving our DE's a chance to prove themselves this coming season. According to all reports, Abe appears to be back and Kroy looks like a beast. Hopefully this is the case.

Again, there's nothing wrong with Hardy or your logic for picking him, but I wanted a cup of Joe every Sunday afternoon when watching my Falcons.

Outside of that, I don't have much to argue...even if I wanted to.

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Blazer and Draftnut,

I don't know if you guys heard it or not, but "pre-draft" the mayhem crew on 790thezone interviewed Thomas Dimitroff and asked him:

Q: "Is there a player that if he(said player) is there at #19 overall that you know you would take without a doubt?"

A: "Yes"

Q: "If that player is not there, would you consider trading down?"

A: "Yes"

Well, I specifically remember in the Sean Weatherspoon interview after he was drafted that he was talking to - well, I cannot remember who - I think one of the Atlanta scouts - when Falcons were on the clock.......and per 'Spoon the guy said, "we may take you with this pick if we don't trade down.

Well, putting "2 and 2" together from Dimitroff's comments "pre-draft" and from what 'Spoon said - what this tells me is that 'Spoon was the 2nd choice.

My guess is that Falcons were going to take either Derrick Morgan or - most likely - Brandon Graham with #19 pick - if available.... just my guess, but I think it is supported by these two things that are "on the record".

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