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Got an LOL worthly message on FB

Dynamic Duo

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i kno you dont know me but i need your advice idk who else to ask




how do u get someone to talk to you?


idk, you talk them to them maybe? Thats what i do


what if that person dont talk to you, but like you try 2 talk 2 them but they dont talk to you., like im tryin to help this dude out but he wont talk 2 me, im tryna get him to be friends with me again he is my ex and we got ina arguement and now he hates me and i knew he was goin 2 get hurt i tried warning him but it didnt work now i just want 2 help him

what do i do ?


now idk what 2 do


does he have a brother or best friend?


i said this 2 him

im sorry i really am, for everything iv done, i kept everything tht i wrote bout yuu on my myspace and i kept the pictures and i just want 2 help yuu cody, idk why i cnt leave yuu alone, maybe itz cuz i still love yuu and care bout yuu nd want 2 be a part of yer life somehow, even if we aint together., i just want 2 be there fer yuu cody...

he said this

danm i need a phone


just **** one of his friends that when i do to my ex gfs

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