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Georgia Bulldog Non-conference Schedule


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Most of the Georgia Basketball Schedule is now clear. Here is the schedule as we believe it will pan out (Updated with more info at 6:19 pm. Added Nov. 4th preseason game and the Dec. 28th Charleston Southern game):

Nov. 4 (Thurs.) -- vs. Augusta State (EXHIBITION)

Nov. 12 (Fri.) -- vs. Mississippi Valley State (RPI: 325) (confirmed)

Nov. 16 (Tues.) -- vs. Colorado (RPI: 120) (confirmed)

Nov. 20 (Sat.) -- at Saint Louis (RPI: 87) (confirmed)

Nov. 25 (Thurs.) -- vs. Notre Dame (RPI: 49) in Orlando (confirmed)

Nov. 26 (Fri.) -- vs. Cal (RPI: 20) or Temple (RPI: 8) in Orlando (confirmed)

Nov. 28 (Sun) -- vs. TBD in Orlando (opponent based on bracket)

Dec. 3 (Fri.) -- vs. UAB (RPI: 45)

Dec. 7 (Tues.) -- at Georgia Tech (RPI: 33) (confirmed)

Dec. 18 (Sat.) -- vs. Arkansas State (RPI: 202)

Dec. 21 (Tues.) -- vs. High Point University (RPI: 254) (confirmed)

Dec. 23 (Thurs.) -- at Mercer (RPI: 221) (confirmed)

Dec. 28 (Tues.) -- vs. Charleston Southern (RPI: 285)

Dec. 31 (Fri.) -- vs. Eastern Kentucky (RPI: 155)

Feb. TBD -- vs. Xavier (RPI: 19) (opponent confirmed. Date TBD)

The information above is based on published reports or research by MemphisDog or myself. If the unconfirmed dates and opponents hold up, it's an exceptional slate for a couple of reasons.

1. Overall Strength -- Due to the bracket structure in Orlando, we will play 3 BCS teams there plus GT, Colorado and a Top 25 or so Xavier team. Six teams of that caliber in one season is exceptionally strong scheduling. When you add UAB at home, Saint Louis on the road and Mercer on the road (which softens the RPI blow of playing their squad), it's a very well structured group.

2. Weekend Non-Conference Games -- Last year was tough in terms of weekend scheduling. This year we get 4 games on Friday or Saturday at home plus 4 more games on the road/neutral on weekends or holidays. That makes it much easier to beef up attendance which is huge for the renovated Stegeman's seating.

3. It's an attention getter slate. -- There's more than enough juice to get pollster and pundit attention IF Georgia takes care of business. Last year, UGA got two games on ESPN or ESPN2 plus two more on ESPNU. This year I'm projecting 10-12 games on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU including SEC Play which is enormous for recruiting.

We're also hearing that the first SEC game will be Kentucky at home on a Saturday (hopefully at night). It's not unreasonable that we could be 11-2 going into that game, and the Cats lost seven players from last year's squad. Even if they replaced them all with rock stars, it will still be their first game on the road in SEC play.

This schedule presents an enormous opportunity for Georgia. The keys to next season will be can the team stay healthy? Can the team mentally mature enough to start winning on the road? Is Gerald Robinson as good as rumored?

The SEC slate should be released in a week or two.


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