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Owens bouncing back

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Sorry writing this from my droid so I can't provide the link

After being had a few times on Thursday, Owens picked his game up and had a solid practice and outing at FNL including a beautiful interception. He looked great out there on the first team defense and coach Smith said this about the INT "he made a great jump on the ball. Those kinds of plays open the coaches eyes and gets their attention".

I can't stop raving about this kid, he just keeps getting better and better every day and he really learns from his mistakes and can adjust almost immediately. If he doesn't have his breakout year this year, look for him in 2011 to take the nfl by storm ;)

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I am going to take a guess in that Owens just plays better during the games rather than practice. He seems to turn it up a notch when the lights are on. I like Owens. He is an incredible hitter out of the corner back position. Ronde Barber like?

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What I like is that he won't have to cover the opponents #1 WR (at least most of the time) with Dunta here, so that should make him even more dominant. Couple that with our 3 starters at LB and a better push up front and we ARE going to have a much better pass defense!!! Can't wait!!!



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