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6:56 pm Reader Wayne Sanders wants to know how QB Matt Ryan looks: Ryan's beginning to look more like a veteran and less like a youngster learning the system. He's at a place where you want your third-year QB at.

6:56 pm The Falcons will scrimmage Friday night at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Ga. Coach Mike Smith's ground rules: The QB is not live, no cut blocking or tackling and no tackling when players are out of position.

6:52 pm Reader Wayne Sanders asked for an opinion on how RB Michael Turner looks. Turner looks faster, slimmer and as if he worked a lot on conditioning this offseason while keeping his muscle mass. Barring injury, he very well could return to 2008 form.

6:51 pm DT Corey Peters on which veterans are mentoring him: "I think (DT Jonathan) Babineaux has done a good job in helping me with my pass rush. ... Some of the LBs do a good job of keeping me honest."

6:48 pm WR Kerry Meier played some QB at Kansas and said he would entertain throwing a few passes. "That's just another wrinkle that teams might have to worry about, the capability of a wide receiver that can throw the ball a little bit," Meier said.

6:44 pm DT Corey Peters on becoming a team leader: "I think if you're going to be a leader you have to do everything the right way," Peters said. "You have to be on time...It's taking good notes, being able to answer questions the right way."

6:38 pm DT Corey Peters on knowing how important the DT role is in Atlanta's defense. "It gives me a sense of urgency. I'm trying to get better every day. I know I don't have any practices to waste."

6:34 pm WR Kerry Meier, who held FGs at Kansas, on why he told the coaching staff he wanted to hold kicks: "Our backups right now are our QBs and they have enough to worry about right now. So it may be easier on them."

6:32 pm After practice WR Kerry Meier took snaps as a holder, something he approached his coaches about. "I think that's what you have to do at this level, you have to speak up and let people know what you can do," Meier said.

6:26 pm A fast learner, DT Corey Peters could be climbing up the depth chart early even though he was in a different defense at Kentucky. "We were more of a read defense at Kentucky," Peters said. "Now it's straight attack, penetrate, get up the field."

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