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matt ice

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If you read reports around the NFL the defenses are all doing better than the offense. Remember: defense is meant to disrupt the timing of the offense. The offense has been apart for so long so they are trying to regain that timing.

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Please clarify "hereing" and "howgood"... ;)

Not to mention "camnp." :lol:

Defense always has an edge at the start of training camp, while the offense looks for its rhythm and timing. Matt has said it himself. And when you consider the number of rookie WR's and the fact that it's not just Matt throwing the passes, it's not too surprising that the D is lighting it up a bit.

If we're at the 3rd or 4th preseason game and seeing a wildly out-of-sync group, THEN I'll worry. Until then, I believe this is the breakout year for our offense.

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