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Some info on the Gamecocks 1st practice


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This guy attends all of the practices and usually does a good job of being honest about what he sees. He doesn't mention it, but from other people who were there it seems like Ace Sanders had a very good night and made several bigtime plays. Anyway, if anyone is interested, here it is.

Fall Practice Report #1: 8/3/10

Well, we’re underway ! Got our first look at the 2010 version of the Gamecocks tonight, and it wasn’t

a bad workout at all. Lots of good work put in by a lot of the guys we will be counting on heavily this season

and also some real nice work done by the new players who joined the team this fall. Gotta give a shout out

to a couple of guys for the obvious work they did this summer during voluntary workouts, as they came

into practice tonight looking much stronger and faster than when they left the field after the spring game.

Wes Saunders looks like he has shed another 30 lbs. Much faster looking and had a great practice tonight.

DeVonte Holloman must have set up camp in the weight room this summer. The guy has put on some

serious upper body mass and looks a step quicker himself. Brian Maddox continues to tone up as well.

He had made a big difference over the winter and came into the Spring looking a lot sleeker and he has

bulked up a little more over the summer and has some good speed to go along with it. The talk about moving

him to fullback has gone out the window. This guy looks like Cory Boyd did in his senior season, and is

starting to remind me a lot of Cory running the football. Kyle Nunn and TJ Johnson both have put on some

extra upper body tone, and Terrence Campbell (to me) seems to have shed a few pounds. Don’t know if that

will be good or bad in the long run, but he definitely looks faster than he did this spring. For those here who

haven’t heard already, the BEAST that was walking around in the white jersey was Byron Jerideau ! GOOD

GOD, that was a massive individual. I really hope mr. Jerideau has some skills to go along with that Mass

because if he does, we can spell both Travian Robertson AND Ladi Ajiboye and put in Jerideau to play

both inside positions at the same time.

Got there early tonight and watched the Kickers going through their warm ups to see who had the strongest

looking legs. Spencer Lanning was “warming up” from the 40 and drilled several with basically a one step

approach! Besides Spencer, Joey Scibner-Howard has the best looking kicks as a FG guy. Howard has the

classic High arch you like to see from your kicker in the longer distances, and even though both he and Spencer

can hit from the 55 yard line in, Scibner-Howard gives you a better feeling when the ball comes off his foot

from the deeper distance, that it’s going to make it to the Post. I still see Lanning as the most consistent

of the two and that will probably secure the FG job for him this fall, but unless one of the other young guys

develops fast during the off seasons, Scibner-Howard seems destined to take the job over next year.

Lanning also seems solid in the Punting duty as well, but there is a serious contender emerging to maybe

give him a run for that job soon. Freshman kicker Patrick Fish has a really strong leg for a new guy, and

even though he did have some inconsistency during the night with a few shanked punts, he matched the

fifth year senior in hang time and distance most of the early part of practice. This will be an interesting race

to watch this fall.

I watched the various squads go through their position drills tonight and really got a feeling there was a

different sense of effort from most of the team tonight. Don’t know if the UConn game was drilled into

their minds by the coaches, or whether they have just decided this is the way to do it, but they were running

the drills a little sharper, and with a lot more spirit than I’ve seen out here in a while. Not a lot of yelling by

the coaches as I would have expected, but more claps of approval from them as the guys finished up the

drills. This was a good thing to see.

Didn’t see Alshon out there tonight as I learned later he had some dental work today, and was held out of

practice tonight. Mike Triglia was wearing a yellow jersey tonight and seemed to be moving around pretty


Of the Quarterbacks, (I’m sure most are wanting to hear about them), I really have to give the overall edge

in tonight’s practice to Connor Shaw however slight it was. Both he and Garcia had good workouts, both threw

some really nice passes for the most part all night. Both threw interceptions at various points in the workout.

Two by Garcia, and one by Shaw, but Shaw seemed a little sharper going through the progressions and finding

the open man. Garcia seemed to struggle a little bit there. Do need to add that Garcia did in fact take off some

of the bulk that was causing a lot stir this Spring. He looked in good shape, and had lost the gut that got a

lot of people’s attention this past February. Shaw’s best pass of the evening came during the one on ones,

when he hooked up on a deep out and up route along the sideline to Ace Sanders. Very well thrown ball

of about 35 yards and laid over the outstretched hands of the Corner back, and hit Sanders in stride. Shaw’s

pick was also on an out an up, shorter route that was intended for Michael Flint, but Stephon Gilmore read

it well and jumped the route for the pick. Other than that misfire, Shaw ended up with a very good night

throwing the ball, and in is overall decision making.

Garcia’s first pick came during the Skels, when he tried to fire a short slant to Deon LeCorn. Akeem

Auguste read Garcia’s eyes and was in perfect position when the ball was released over the middle to

make the clean pick. Garcia’s other pick came during the 11 on 11, on his first rep. He tried to hit Wes

Saunders on a deep fade, but hung the ball up. Both Saunders and Auguste jumped up for the ball, but

Auguste had position and tipped the ball up in the air, and Antonio Allen was able to grab the deflected

ball, for the interception. Garcia redeemed that pick a couple of plays later however by connecting on

a really nice looking wheel route thrown to Marcus Lattimore, who caught the ball and took it in for

his first Practice TD as a Gamecock. Garcia’s best pass of the night however, came earlier during one

on ones, when he and Wes Saunders hooked up for a TD on a skinny post route from about 25 yards out

that went for 6. Saunders beat Jimmy Legree with a nice little head fake, that allowed him to get the inside

position on Legree, and Garcia hit him in stride as he broke open. Very nice looking play there.

Of the Wide Outs tonight, Tori Gurley and Wes Saunders (TE) were the ones that had notable nights catching

the football, but the most impressive looking receiver out there was Cedric Snead who was hauling in a lot

of balls that looked uncatchable when thrown. Laying out on a couple for diving catches, and making some

nice adjustments to catch balls thrown behind him. Ced was a guy who sort of had a quiet spring until the

last week before he started to get noticed by the QBs out there. He ended up having a good final week, and

had some nice grabs in the Spring Game, and came out of the gates smoking tonight. Overall he was probably

the best looking of the group of receivers in the opening practice. Having the worse practice would have to go

to both Bryce Sherman and Jason Barnes. Sherman did recover later to make some nice catches out of the

backfield, but during the one on ones, and Skels, he had several balls that hit him in the hands, and he

couldn’t find the handle on them. Barnes just looked overwhelmed from the get go, dropping several easy

catches during the position drills with the coaches throwing, and never got into a rhythm all night, dropping

a few others in the game drills, and having balls knocked out of his hands by the DBs. Lamar Scruggs and

DL Moore caught a few passes, but had a quiet practice tonight along with Deon LeCorn.

There was very little running done in the game situation drills, and most of the work put in by the Running

Backs was done catching passes out of the backfield. What little running was done, was met with no

resistance other than just light arm grabbing because of working without pads. The most impressive Back

catching the football has to be Marcus Lattimore. The guy looks like a wide receiver catching the ball, and

just has that “fluidity” running routes that you’d like to see your receivers have. I would bet the farm that we

are going to run the wheel route a lot this season, and I’d be willing to go double or nothing that it will be

run successfully too. Saw it used a few times tonight in practice, and it seems it is going to be a play we

are trying to get a lot of work on early. Kenny Miles had a VERY quiet practice, hardly touching the ball

at all. Brian Maddox got the majority of carries that we did run, along with a couple of runs by Jarvis

Giles. Giles looks good carrying the football when he just picks a spot and runs to it, without trying to

juke, or reverse field to make a spectacular run out of something that isn’t there. Bryce Sherman got a couple

of reps from the backfield as well.

I really like the move of Chris Culliver back to Corner. He looked very comfortable back there tonight, and

handled the change very well. Best looking Defensive player tonight was Akeem Auguste though. He was

around the football when it was in the air, and got in on several breakups, and had the one pick, and almost

a second, but contributed to the interception. Really like watching Stephon Gilmore work though. He had a

very solid practice, but more of a leadership role as well. Talking to players all night, moving guys around that

seemed out of position before the snap, and giving encouragement when someone made a good play. This

coming from a sophomore player! This guy is going to end his career here being recognized as one of the best

Corners we’ve ever had.

Doesn’t mean a lot tonight but just for the record, the starting unit on the O/line was TJ at center, T Campbell

at Right Guard, G Chisolm at Left Guard, H Eckerson Right Tackle and J King at Left Tackle.

On the Defense was T Robertson and L Ajiboye on the inside, with Devin Taylor and Cliff Matthews on

the Ends. Shaq, and Rodney were the linebackers, and A Allen was the Spur, with Gilmore and Culliver at

Corners, and Auguste and Holloman at Safetys.

Gotta note here. This spring, the DBs seemed to have a very distinct edge over the Wide Outs pretty much the

entire Spring, but in the opening practice tonight, the Wide Receivers seemed to be able to get open more than

the DBs were at defending them. The DBs did have a better showing in the 11 on 11, but even then, the WRs

made some really nice moves to get separation in the routes. During the one on ones, and Skels, the WRs

had exceptional success in getting open. It would seem our Wide outs had a real good summer!

More Tomorrow night.

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who did garcia eat?


His official weight is 227 & he's 6'2" so he's not really a porker or anything, just a bit thick. Some more information and video's from last night's practice. I cannot locate an embedd code for the vids so I had to post it through a link. Spurrier seemed pretty pleased for the most part with the 1st practice. He mentioned Ace specifically, as well as talking about how well Lattimore must have studied the playbook. But some of the local reporters just kill me with their questions after just one practice; especially in the interviews with Elliott, and Matthews. I think I'm gonna go watch them either this evening or possibly saturday when they go live with full pads.


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i know someone who was at the practice xnex and he told me that ace was uncoverable. he was something.

Well, that's 1/2 of the battle. Now we just have to make sure we have a qb that can get it to him at the right time, in the right spots.

More info from tonight's parctice. DL coach Brad Lawing is evidentally very well known for just chewing DL guys out in practice. Not always real ugly, but he will not hesitate to make an example of someone. Well, evidentally he just told JT Surratt that he was going to begin coaching him in Japanese since english just wasn't getting it done.

Lawing is also talking about "joint manipulation" by the dl in order to combat o linemen and make them let go. We're talking bone breaking skills at practice.... :huh::lol:

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sc fans better hope that ol can block and lattimore doesn't lay the ball down on the field.. that was an issue in the games i saw him in.

I THINK 3/4's of the fumbles he had last year were in the one game down in FL. The 3/4th's number may be a little off, but in that game he had the majority of his fumbles for the season. I'm pretty certain. As a matter of fact, had Marcus held onto the ball Byrnes would have beaten that team pretty handily, if I remember correctly. It was his worst game of the year from what I recall. Very out of the ordinary. If he fumbles at SC, he'll sit his butt on the bench. Our cupboards are not bare at rb. We don't have another one with his star power, but we have good rb's even if Marcus isn't on the field.

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I THINK 3/4's of the fumbles he had last year were in the one game down in FL. The 3/4th's number may be a little off, but in that game he had the majority of his fumbles for the season. I'm pretty certain. As a matter of fact, had Marcus held onto the ball Byrnes would have beaten that team pretty handily, if I remember correctly. It was his worst game of the year from what I recall. Very out of the ordinary. If he fumbles at SC, he'll sit his butt on the bench. Our cupboards are not bare at rb. We don't have another one with his star power, but we have good rb's even if Marcus isn't on the field.

it was more than 1 game i saw.. i forgot the other game it was, but he had numerous fumbles in that one as well. he will need to be responsible and respect the football and like you said you have guys who can play, but that oline is going to be the biggest factor.. it's the difference between 7 and 9 wins.

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Gamecocks - my bro is at their practice tonight.....said that....... Reply


Lattimore handed off to Lattimore, who got a crushing block from Lattimore and scored a 99-yard TD run. Lattimore then decided to go for two, but Lattimore actually tackled Lattimore at the goal line.

lol.. funny stuff.

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Gamecocks - my bro is at their practice tonight.....said that....... Reply


Lattimore handed off to Lattimore, who got a crushing block from Lattimore and scored a 99-yard TD run. Lattimore then decided to go for two, but Lattimore actually tackled Lattimore at the goal line.

lol.. funny stuff.

I got a good laugh out of that one. Last night I was wiating for them to bring in Gilmore at qb and have him throw a deep ball and then run down the field, intercept it, and return it for a TD.

When you say "bro" do you mean a real brother, or do you mean a friend? Does he live in the Columbia area, is he a Gamecock fan or a UGA fan just stopping in to watch the Gamecocks practice?

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it was more than 1 game i saw.. i forgot the other game it was, but he had numerous fumbles in that one as well. he will need to be responsible and respect the football and like you said you have guys who can play, but that oline is going to be the biggest factor.. it's the difference between 7 and 9 wins.

Oddly enough the Brynes vs. St. Thomas Aquinas HS game from last season is on ESPNU right now. That's kind of freaky?

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Really pleased Tony Ball had the foresight not to offer Ace Sanders...not.

Glad we managed to get him. From what I can tell, he's going to be an incredible compliment to our super-sized Air Craft carrier type wr's. I just wonder who would have had the bigger impact on our offense between Ace Snaders and Sean Tapley who committed to us prior to switching to UNC. It's hard for me to imagine that Sean could be a whole lot better than Ace, if at all. Can anyone get into their wayback machine and give me a quick comparison and contrast between those two?

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Really pleased Tony Ball had the foresight not to offer Ace Sanders...not.

you will miss on guys.. we were after boone and green out of state and had rogers till mike nance bought him. if we had known about rogers and the other 2 we would have offered sanders, but we didn't.. i can't fault ball for not going after a plan b guy. he didn't have the on the field play imo til late in his senior season and by then were in the thick for some better wrs.

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Was at Gamecock practice tonight...here's what I saw..

They keep the first five practices open to the public...wish the Dawgs would do it. Observations:

-Cliff Matthews is a horse, noticably bigger.

-Wesley Saunders has really trimmed down and looks noticably quicker.

-Garcia had a tough night...couple picks and a couple more that could've been picks. Not awful, he made good throws but the picks were bad reads.

-Stephon Gilmore is a flat out baller. Based on what I saw tonight, we should be very careful when throwing to his side of the field.

-Lattimore fumbled a couple times, but I have to say, he looks like a natural out there, and should make an immediate impact.

-Dline and defense in general looks very tough. The tall guy opposite Cliff Matthews at end (Taylor) is super quick, but thin. We should run to his side of the field.

-Shaw looked good. It probably won't be this year, but I envision him being a two or three year starter at USC. Spurrier spent the whole practice with him.

the above are the observations of someone i know who was at the practice.

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hey xnex i heard that both garcia and lattimore were turnover machines today.. someone who saw the practice said lattimore fumbled 3 times.. did you hear that?

He actually fumbled twice on back to back plays and as far as I know, that was all. On the first play he took his eyes off of a simple toss from Garcia, as if they were going to run a toss sweep. That was one of those inexcuseable type of plays. On the next play he was just running something along the lines of a dive play, or a simple belly play and he got hit by Chaz Sutton and dropped the ball on the ground. Eventhough they aren't supposed to be making real contact out there it wasn't anything major enough to cause a fumble or to cause a skirmish like we saw recently in Falcons camp when Spoon "thudded" someone. So, eventhough he was performing really well early, those two plays put a bad spin on his entire night, as I'm sure you understand.

Garcia only threw 1 int. tonight from what I've heard, and again it was when his primary receiver was covered and he attempted to check down to an alternate receiver that was in the middle of the field. The lb jumped the route and got the INT. That's all I heard about Garcia having any real problems tonight.

I think the coaches are fairly well pleased with the effort and performance of Garcia thus far in all honesty. But Shaw is really impressing them as well. He's hooked up with Ace several times as has Garcia. In another post I will include a synopsis of tonight's practice from the same guy who wrote the one I posted earlier today concerning our 1st night on the field.

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Fall Practice Report #2: 8/4/10

Another good practice tonight, although not quite as “spirited” as the opening night’s workout, but it

was another practice that saw several good performances by some of the upperclassmen leaders

as well as the Freshman players. For the spectators it was a little better to watch tonight. The crowd was

not nearly as large as last night, and there was a steady breeze blowing most of the night that made

it more comfortable than last night’s practice.

Once again the kickers started out working on the legs, but tonight they were kicking against some

resistance from the defense. Again, Spencer Lanning was the most consistent Field Goal Kicker hitting

pretty much everything. All Field Goals were kicked from the 45 in, and both Lanning and Joey

Scibner-Howard were money from all the different spots. There wasn’t as much of a Punting duel

between Lanning and Patrick Fish tonight, although both guys got in a little work there. They had the

auto fire machine for use with the Punt Return guys along with a few actual punts from the kickers

thrown in. Ace Sanders and Stephon Gilmore had the best night fielding punts, there were several

other players given shots to receive kicks (Deon LeCorn, Lamar Scruggs, Nick Jones) and a few others,

but most of them dropped or mishandled the kicks at some point.

After the Calisthenics to loosen up, the team broke up into position drills for the usual rounds of specific

work on various techniques. I paid more attention tonight during this portion of practice to the offensive

line. Since that was done on the far field I had to watch this through the binoculars, and really didn’t get

a sense of a “Good Vibe” going on over there. I could tell that Coach Elliott was pretty intense a few

times with guys like Rockevious Watkins and AJ Cann during the drills. I liked the intensity of the full

unit drills now though compared to those of the past. Elliott is working on having the line fire off in

unison when hitting the arm pads, and sleds and he seemed pleased there with the work going on.

In the past, Coach Lawing is usually the most Vocal coach on the field and really had never cared for

being “selective” with his language. To me, That’s Football, but the past couple of days, I haven’t

heard Coach Lawing fire off at the players, but instead, Coach Johnson seems to be the Bulldog type

when he sees something that isn’t quite right in the alignment or the drills. He seems a lot more urgent

in his approach this year, and a lot more intense than he usually is. Take that however you like, but to

me, when I see / hear a coach raise his voice and get after guys like that, I think they really are

enjoying their roles more. I think EJ wants this year to be a statement season for South Carolina as

much as any player or coach on the field.

Again tonight, I think the performance of the two deep QBs (Garcia and Shaw) was closely matched.

Tonight I would give a slight edge to Garcia just like last night, the separation between the two is very

slight at this time, and neither one is “taking over”. This of course is just my personal opinion and others

may see it differently, or one with a clear lead. . . .I just don’t see either of the guys dominating the other’s

performance to say there is a Clear edge to the guy leading. There wasn’t a lot of completed deep passes

tonight during any part of practice Although Shaw did have a very nice completion on a deep curl route

to Ace Sanders during the Skels. Other than that throw and catch of nearly 30 yards, everything thrown

deep tonight was well covered by the defensive backs for either the break ups, or the pass fell incomplete.

Garcia had the only pick of the night on a play very similar to his first interception last night. He attempted

an out route to his left, and then when it wasn’t open, immediately fired to the check down guy in the

middle, and the DB / LB playing the middle position, read the head movement and jumped in front of the

Check Down receiver and got the pick. Tonight it was Josh Dickerson playing the second unit MLB

and he was all over the pass. That was really the only poor pass that Garcia threw tonight.

Connor started out very sharp during the one on ones and skels, but during the 11 on 11, he got into a little

streak of throwing low and behind the target. Not just one or two hear or there, but there was about five

or six passes in a row that were just way underthrown. He did recover though and ended the workout with

some nice touch passes and finished on an up note. I will say this about young Shaw, he can throw the

ball moving to his right about as good as I’ve seen any QB do since Mike Hold ran the offense in the

80s! Loved watching him do this last night and again tonight when he had to move around in the pocket

and ended up throwing some nice 15-20 yard ropes going to his right that hit the mark. One in particular

I saw tonight towards the end of the workout, where was forced to run, and lobbed a beautiful arch over

the DBs hands and into the open part of the field where Sanders brought the pass in. Conner seems to

like finding Ace in the routes, as he and Sanders hooked up several time tonight.

The WRs didn’t have as good a night tonight beating the deep coverage, and even Wes Saunders and

Tori Gurley who both had excellent performances last night catching passes, seemed a bit frustrated

because they couldn’t find any daylight. Cedric Snead had another solid workout, and Nick Jones and

DeAngelo Smith who were a little bit overwhelmed with the speed of the DBs last night, came back

tonight to have good showings. Jason Barnes had a better night tonight than his first workout, and

made some good catches with Garcia throwing the ball, buy coming back to the QB when he couldn’t

seem to find someone open. Those two ended up with three or four hook ups of that type during

practice. Alshon Jeffery was not with the team again tonight, so I’m assuming the dental work he

had is still preventing him from practicing.

Pretty much all the Running backs had a quiet night tonight with the exception of Jarvis Giles

and Marcus Lattimore. Giles got to tote the rock a few times with the first unit, and he was really

making coach Elliot and coach Graham happy with the way he was hitting the holes. He and

Patrick DiMarco got a lot of “Atta Way” yells from the coaches tonight. . . . Lattimore got some

attention but it was not because of his good performance tonight. Lattimore caught a few passes out

of the backfield well during practice, but when he was put in the game to run with the first unit

towards the end of practice, he had two fumbles on consecutive plays that didn’t look good at all.

The first was a straight pitch from Garcia to the right behind DiMarco, and Marcus looked up way

before the ball got to his hands, and he grabbed it for a second, then dropped the ball as the defense

closed around him. On the next play, the gave the ball to Marcus on a belly play, and Lattimore was

met straight up in the hole by Chaz Sutton who gave him a pretty good shot. Lattimore dropped the

ball and Sutton fell on it for the recovery. Needless to say, coach Spurrier and coach Graham were

not real happy with that stretch of plays.

Maybe someone here can tell me if they’ve heard anything about Kenny Miles. I haven’t seen him

on the field the past two practices except for about 5 minutes before practice Started yesterday. he was

not with the team tonight and I haven’t heard what’s up with him.

Over on Defense, it was the Stephon Gilmore, and Cliff Matthews show tonight. I know the games

will be a lot more intense than practice, but if there’s anyone in this conference who can keep

Cliff contained for more than three / four plays in a row, that guy might be the best offensive lineman

in the history of College Football. Matthews looks Super quick despite the increased Bulk and he

is in the backfield on pretty much every snap. Very Quick first step, and just seems unstoppable. He

and Devin Taylor had good workouts at the Ends, and seems like they are going to make some noise

in the SEC this season. Stephon Gilmore had one pick tonight where he just outran the ball to the

receiver when Clifford released the pass intended for Kevin White. He had about 3 or four breakups

that were almost picks as well. He picked up the pace tonight, from his solid work last night. Also

saw some really nice DB play from Antonio Allen playing mainly as a Safety tonight. Right now the

battle between the Offense and Defense stands at one practice for the Garnet Jerseys (offense) and

tonight’s round went to the defense.

More Tomorrow

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Last night's practice, practice #3 of the year, was a bit more intense. Lattimore took the ball on a running play and as he got through the dl and lb's along came one of our safeties who rather forcefully knocked him on his azz. The pop could be heard all over the practice facilities and the crowd all made that oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh sound. But Marcus got right back up and the next time he ran through the line it appeared he was looking for some payback as he pounded the ball in there really hard.

Garcia did "OK", but he did have an INT. in 7 on 7 drills that CC Whitlock could have walked into the endzone. Several receivers made very good plays, and Ace is still ripping it up pretty consistently. DB's looking pretty good too, as Culliver looks like he will be comfortable moving to the cb spot opposite Gilmore.

The Gamecocks go to full pads beginning this Saturday and I think I will be back down there either Sat. or Sun. Really looking forward to seeing them in full pads as well as anticipating the 1st game of the season. USM has several people saying outright that they are going to beat Carolina on opening night at Williams-Brice. I can't gaurantee that they are wrong, but if it turns out that Carolina gets an opportunity to run it up on USM I feel pretty confident that they will take advantage of it just because of the mouthing off coming out of Mississippi.

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