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All - I moved the first two days' training camp fan observation threads to a new archived forum. The forum will have read and reply functionality, but users will not be able to start new threads...this should keep things well-organized. We'll continue to archive these to the new forum after a few days of being pinned in TATF.


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I got you guys. It was so fast it was a little tough to really zone in and gather my thoughts but I'll post some pics for you guys and put what I can.

First day with full pads on so the intensity and speed was up. From what I remember, they started with kickoff practice drills and letting the guys practice catching the ball (Weems, HD83, and Norwood, even though he wasn't even in uniform (hop flexor). He caught one punt maybe. Franks wasn't in the mix for whatever reason. hey didn't run back at all, only catching while the other ST guys practiced trying to block and just hitting each other.

Then after individual drills was full-on team practice for a bit. This was the exciting part. Defense looked strong again. Owens had a few PBUs and Grimes got and INT that he would have taken back for a TD. He made an acrobatic catch after he tipped the ball in the air and he napped it. I believe the pass was intended for White. After Grimes broke up a pass intended for White, #84 came to the sidelines right in front of us and told Michael Jenkins, "They keep grabbing my jersey." Guess it was pick on #84 day. Can't blame them though. He did wear these socks:


They ran a few plays where the back caught the passes from the backfield and a few screen passes. Here is Mughelli doing his thing:


William Moore was always there to make a play but just a step behind. He was there for the tackle after but not the INT, but then again, he is going to play the strong. What I really liked about what him was what he was doing as he was "making the tackle." (They weren't allowed to actually tackle, of course, just "pop" the pads and push a little.) But unlike what a lot of what I saw last year, Moore was very good about going for the strip or punching the ball as soon as he touches the receiver/carrier. We need more of that on our defense. But you can see in his intensity that he loves contact and he can't wait to lay someone out.

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Not much more to say except two stories about Spoon. Since they weren't allowed to tackle it was funny to see Spoon get yelled at. Someone forgot to tell him not to lay his teammates out. I can't remember who the poor guy was, but it was the first time Spoon got someone in his sights this morning and was running full speed and he laid out and cracked the guy. After a loud "POP" from their pads, the crowd went crazy and so did the coaching staff. They laid into Spoon and asked him what he was thinking. Spoon didn't know he was supposed to pick the receiver up, not lay him down with all of his body weight. While getting chewed out by 3 coaches at once (especially BVG), this is Spoon saying he didn't know:


Then he got an earful from Petersen about it who was laughing at him:


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Spoon also followed it with an INT a few minutes later to make up for it. The pic is blurry but here ya go. He laid out for this ball:


The defense went crazy and Harry Douglas got really fired up and came right over to slap Spoon's helmet.

A guy sitting next to me yelled out "Nice play Spoon" then he yelled to Thomas Dimitroff who was 25 yards away, "Nice pick, TD!!" TD looked at the now laughing and cheering crowd and actually smirked about it. I guess he's glad WE support his draft selection. Here is the end of his smirk...


I'll post a few more random pics on the next post. Hope you guys enjoyed the writeup and pics.

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