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Training Camp

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Here are some of the key things I'm looking forward to seeing.


SS: Moore vs Coleman: Safety is a key position because you have to communicate the back half of the alignment. There have been some reports taht Moore is doing a very good job of communicating. Coleman is solid and a very sure takler, he does tend to bet caught out of position and does give up the big play. It will be interesting to see which one will be able to set the back half of the Defense up and make game changing plays: My prediciont, Coleman starts and Moore is eased on in.

FS: No battle, Decoud is a stud.

LB: If Weatherspoon is a starter, which I think unlikely, it will be interesting to see who starts oppisite. A LB core of Nicholas, Lofton, and Weatherspoon sounds intersting, one I believe more intriguing than Weatherspoon, Lofton, and Perterson. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out, because I am hearing Weatherspoon is very smart and really is learning the system quickly.

DL: It will be very interesting to see who the DL is made up of on the final roster. It will be interesting to see how Vance Walker, Trey Lewis, Jamal Anderson, and Corey Peters compete for DT time. Also, is Bab's going to be suspended by the league? I'm hoping Sidbury turns his atheltisicism into real football production. The Beerman, well, he's the Beerman, can't go wrong with that.


QB: Ryan is Ryan and we are screwed, just like every other team, if we lose him for any length of time. However, I do have faith in Redmond as our running game looks to be more consistent.

RB/FB: Who do they keep behind Turner, Ovie, Norwood, and Snelling?

OL: How much improved is Sam Baker? Early reports he is nasty and the MMA training has really helped him. It will be interesting to see what OL we keep at depth and now far Garret Reynolds has come from last year.

TE: This is acually a position where I feel we do not have much depth. I think behind Gonzo, we don't have the depth that the other positions do.

WR: White, Jenkins, Douglas make the team, after that, I think it's Finn, then who else from there, is anyones' guess.

SP: Who will kick for us? Is bryant going to be the guy or do we go young? Look at Prater now, I say he is doing pretty good.

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what do you mean who do they keep behind turner/snells/norwood??????

and obviously, if you read the message boards a little closer, you will see everyone is high on kerry meier and him being the #4 reciever so we are set at that position.

Obviously, if you read my comment, I said who do we keep behind Turner, Ovie, Snelling and Norwood. The category is RB/FB. IE, do we keep 4 or 5 RB/FB.

WRT Meier, I like what I have heard as well, but how many Training Camp MVP's have we had not pan out in the regular season. Most Noteably, Brent Grimes, until they moved him to RCB last year. His production in TC got him on the rosert. His production in games, got him pulled out of the line up at one point.

Don't count out Brandon Harvey, Eric Weems, and the other WRs' that are trying to make the team. 4-5 days into camp and meire makes the roster... That's emotional based, not logic based, because the evaluation period is through the entire preseason...

Oh, and by the way, my Falcons message board number was 614 on the origianl falcons message boards... That's when Capoligist (previousl DJ) and Gazoo use to get along and shiney use to wear pants.

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I've been hearing good things about Vance walker. I am thinking he could be our 3rd DT. Everytime i read rapid reports there is something about him blowing by Johnson. I mean johnson is a rookie but it always says he does like a spin move or something.

Also i am hearing good things about franks too, that he may be competing for a spot.

I wish i was hearing more about willy moore, can someone help me out?

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I LIke Vance Walker too, believe he will make the team.

Unless he gets injured i think that he is going to make the roster. Unfortunately I think Trey lewis and/or johnson might get cut this year because of the addition of peters, unless we keep 7 DT's which I DOUBT since JA98 can slide over and play DT I think both will get cut and we keep 5 DTs

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Just my quick observations from OTA's to this weekend's training camp. Chevous Jackson still looks clueless. I stand by my May observations of Meier except now the majority seem to agree instead of disagree that he has "looked" pretty good so far. We'll know the truth in Week 1.

It's a shame Colin Peek was injured because I don't know if Zinger is going to be the one to step up after Gonzo.

Peterson was flying around like a man on the bubble. I still think Weatherspoon will be worked into the fold and think that Peterson's leadership is still needed.

Owens made some plays on the deep balls but gives up those 5 to 7 yd pockets on the comeback routes. Still he looks much more confident now and Franks looked pretty good as well but obviously got juked a couple of times by Jenkins.

Typically there are 3 RB's and Snelling doubles as FB so other than practice squad I don't focus on that spot a whole lot.

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