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Can someone give me some facts as to why your team will win?


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You never addressed the poin I was making about payton after his third season. After posting a 25-23 record and one playoff appearance and a 1-1 record wasn't he considered average at best?

I'm going to disagree.

By year three, Payton had developed one aspect of the team into perhaps the league's most dominant unit as well as nearly taking them to the super bowl. That's not average and he wasn't on the hot seat. I was waiting to see maturity and he showed it changing his tendencies by rebalancing his playcalling as well as making a difficult decision regarding his friend the defensive coordinator when the team struggled to take the next step.

Similiarly, I don't think Smith would be on the hot seat next season. Like Payton, he's done alot toward changing a losing culture. However, I think he's going to have to either take the team deep or develop some aspect of it into something special or he'll be forced to make a similiar change on his staff the following offseason.

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