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Toddlers at Ga Dome..do they need a ticket?

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They have to be able to walk under the turnstile and sit in your lap for the game. Depending on the security/gate check as long as you're carrying your kid you should be ok. Just know that some sections are cool about kids sitting on the ground or on the aisle/stairs, some are not. The section I sit in is pretty family friendly but one section over enforces the kid in the lap rule like it's a Federal Law.

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Any report of a lost child will be acted on immediately by event personnel to locate and return the child to his/her parent(s) or guardian(s). Lost children will be taken to the nearest Dome Service Center. Parents should contact Guest Management for prompt initiation of lost child search procedures. After 30 minutes, if a parent or guardian is not located, the lost child will be taken to the Dome Security Control Center for further efforts in locating the parent(s) or guardian(s).


Arm bracelets for children are available at any Dome Service Center. Each bracelet lists a child's name, parent's name, important contact phone numbers and seating information to aid in their safe return if they should become separated from their party. Tags are available at any Dome Service Center.


Strollers are allowed into the Georgia Dome. During Falcons games, fans must check their strollers at Dome Service Centers located at each gate.


The Atlanta Falcons welcome fans of all ages. Every child over the height of the turnstile bar (33" tall) must have a ticket in order to enter the Georgia Dome. Children that pass under the turnstile bar (while standing erect) do not require a ticket for entry.


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Thanks for the info. Good to know.

No problem, this info is accurate per the website AND the Falcons Ticket Office, which I asked last year. I have a 11 month old that I'll eventually have to buy a ticket for, I'm just trying to hold off as long as possible! :)

Have you tried a Braves game yet? It's worth a trial run at Turner Field since the rules are similar on kids, my daughter did well for the most part. A Braves Grand Slam made her freak out a bit just due to the noise. But she enjoyed sitting and looking around. I'm thinking about getting her a headset to wear to the Falcons games next year since ears are still really fragile for the first few years.

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My youngest son is three; I did not have any issues bringing him to games last year other than attention span! I picked up an extra ticket this year because [A] he will be over the turnstile will not sit still; he really needs his own seat.

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