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  1. 1. Best kicking option for Falcons?

    • M. Bryant
    • S. Hauschuka
    • Trade for better Kicker
    • Draft best available kicker next year

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Matt Bryant.

The guy can kick as good as anybody available to pick up.

He at least deserves a full camp to prepare himself for the season.

Guy has been through alot and i kinda have a soft spot for him. I hope he does well.

edit: ok, so i kinda voted with my heart, but looking at the list of FA

kickers i dont see any better alternative.

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Bryant. I was really hoping we would have given the guy from UGA a shot though. Can't remember his name right now but we worked him out.

You're probably thinking about Brandon Coutu. A lot of people were campaigning for him, and he did have a good career at Georgia. But, strangely, he didn't get a lot of attention. The Seahawks signed him and kept him on the roster for a year, but I don't think he ever played. They cut him after last season, and as far as I know he's currently out of football. Must have been something that everyone saw, cause other than SEA, he didn't get a sniff.

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Bryant seems the most logical option however I'm not at all opposed to seeing what Hauschuka brings. He kind of reminds me of Matt Prater. Prater had the booming leg but couldn't put it through the uprights consistently but a change of scenery did wonders for him. Hopefully, Hauschuka situation will be similar and he can turn out to be a solid and reliable kicker for us (he's a lot younger so if he has his head right, he can be here a lot longer than Bryant).

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I would like for us to bring back Garrett Landholm. This dude has a big time leg.

Not really. You are just saying that because you saw a youtube video of him kicking a long FG. You should watch the other youtube vid of him where he's at kicking combine. He's kicking with no pads, no pressure, and still sending them wide from every distance more often than he should.

Bryant is far and away our best option for this season.

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I think we need to start looking at the holding and make sure the problem isn't there before we continue taking proven vets and kicking them out the door because they are all having the same problem.

Proven vet?

All he has proven to me is that he can:


Miss long FG attempts

Miss a PAT

If he so "proven" why did Bucs kick him to the curb?

Holders CAN be the issue... But not in this case...

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