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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

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Demo came out today and I must say I'm pretty dang impressed. I liked the first one. But on the Demo you can play some single player and some mulitplayer.

The multiplayer is very unique. You start off with a group of players and criminals trying to rob places an you are supposed to work as a team. No one can be trusted though since people have the ability to betray one another to try and get all the loot for themselves. Players who die respawn as cops and get money for killing the criminals. That's only the demo. There's a couple other ones such as a mode called "undercover cop".

Very unique game, good graphics, and awesome gameplay. I'll be getting this.

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After getting the real game I was pretty dissapointed. The multiplayer is still pretty awesome. However the story mode is very linear and I best it in 2 hours. Not worth a buy, just a rent but it's whatever. Don't waste your time. It's is an awkward game

you seriously need to get a better taste in games. i bet you bought that last splinter cell game too didnt you?

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