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Jesse James Dupree VS Tom Green, remember this?

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While I am no fan of either, Tom was a COMPLETE hypocrite in this situation, proving he can give, but not take at all. As Jesse tells him at 4:12, " other people can #### with other people too, Tom".

Both are pretty talentless halfwits.

If only Jesse had slipped and did a little surgery on Tom, then himself.


And :lol: At them saying the desk cost " thousands of dollars" when it is clearly made out of chipboard and veneer. They had another vid of them remaking it and that is exactly what it is. I guess maybe in Cali people pay that much for chipboard and veneer, tho.

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I've actually heard Tom talk about this on Tom Green Live, the show he does from his house. And it was actually a pretty funny story.

MTV is notoriously cheap. And the desk that they gave Tom for their first Late Night talk-show was essentially the type of desk that a school teacher has. So he basically had to fight MTV to rent a desk from a prop-studio's warehouse. That desk had been on some other show (like Tom Snyder's show or something). So like the first week they had their new desk, Jesse James Dupree came out and did that.

So mix in a show that had no money, and an INSANELY overpriced desk getting destroyed by someone they didnt even know. They were pissed. They said it actually got worse when the show wasnt filming.

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