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Complete Falcon Madden Ratings 2011

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Falcon 2011

The Madden 11 Falcons ratings aren’t expected to be unveiled until later today, however for those eager Atlanta Falcons fans you can check out the full player ratings hours in advance.

We already knew the Atlanta Falcons would start the season with a team rating of 83, however this is our first look at the full Madden 11 player ratings. The Falcons’ ratings are highlighted by the rock that is Tony Gonzalez at 98 overall, and the sudden decline of Michael Turner from 95 overall to a mere 90. Even John Abraham, who saw a rating of 95 last season, has fallen six entire points to an 89.

Check out just a few of the Madden 11 Falcons ratings below, then check out the link for the rest. And let us know: Who do you think is being undervalued this season? Who deserves a higher rating? As always, drop your comments below.


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Thanks for the link, sucked being one of the last teams to be unveiled for the ratings. The Falcons look pretty good but wish they would of made Douglas, Biermann and DeCoud all about 5 points higher. Turner dropping down to a 90 is BS, just cause he had a bum ankle doesn't mean he should drop in rating. Turner is still a top 5 RB in my book and will prove EA wrong, he will be back up to 95 soon enough in the roster updates.

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So apparently we have a very beastly OLine (not surprised). That's good. Mad Turner dropped to a 90. 92 at least. He was still averaging 4+ yards a carry, had 871 yds and missed 6 games. He was on pace for 1300-1400 yds easily. But that's fine. Meier has the 3rd best pair of hands on the team behind Gonzo/White

Decoud is more like a 79-80 but Abe being an 89 is crazy (even though it is logical since he dropped from 16.5 to 5.5.) Peters is a 64 because he was a 3rd round rookie that was considered a reach. Franks is a 65 and was considered a 2nd rounder. That's the one you should complain about.

But all in all I think we will see our team really get a boost in the first roster update. When Turner, Douglas, DeCoud, Ryan prove otherwise.

And Spoon has the most swag on the entire team!? I thought at least DRob would since he is known for his confidence. But hey I'm not mad, I love the Spoony Love

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