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God, I hate Michael Moore!

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I'm watching "Capitalism" right now and this movie sucks. [i was browsing the free On Demand movies because I'm bored and I thought I'd give him another try.]

Really, you fat f***? You had to play the theme song to "The Omen" while discussing the Reagan presidency? Did you think you were being subtle or are you really that effing stupid to think that Reagan was the antichrist?

With so much legitimate stuff to criticize, you have to take the stupid sensationalistic idiotic "antichrist" angle?

Go choke on a chicken wing, you fat f***.

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The story about the family that lost their home and was paid $1,000 by Countrywide to clean up their own home for resale on the foreclosure market is brilliant, and this guy is too much of a freakin' moron idiot to make THAT the central part of his movie instead of the stupid "The Omen" idiocracy. I hate this effer so much because he has wasted so much potential to contribute to the public good by being a fat effin' moron know nothing idiot.

I hope he chokes on a chicken wing. Seriously.

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