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AFMB NCAA 11 360 Dynasty Thread


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SEC teams

UGA - Ugaboi724

Tennessee - Volunteer Falcon

LSU - Slamee101

Florida - thempizzle

Arkansas - Threepac Daddy

Auburn - Che

ACC Teams

North Carolina - Jgator21

Miami - Orange Swarm

Florida St. - A-TowN

Virginia Tech - Cable guy

Clemson - Kongo45

Duke - Unknown

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doesn't take long. 2 - 3 mins at most

Well I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but after I accept the invite, it says downloading rosters and gets stuck on that screen. I have done it about three times with the same thing happening each time.

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that is a cool feature for recruiting.

As you know player sprint is set to auto sprint by default. So if you didn't know you can go into the controler settings and disable the auto sprint and assign sprint to a certain button.

I think the CPU can be set to All - American. It will make the CPU games a little more challenging.

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