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Rodgers, Ryan: Limited pass protection needed


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The two active quarterbacks confirmed a notion I had that quarterbacks love five-man blocking schemes in the passing game, as opposed to more. For years, it was always believed that if the QB was being pressured then extra blockers were needed. These young passers both would rather see an additional receiver or two out in patterns than more blockers. Rodgers explained he feels better seeing the rush coming and getting the ball to an open receiver. As he said, "Just give me a chance to see it coming."

With Ryan, I pursued the idea of the shotgun vs. being under center. He felt there really wasn't much difference for him but brought up an interesting point that made a lot of sense. He said that by getting under center and in position to take a snap, the defense had to declare what they were doing. In the shotgun, he added, defenses tended to move around and disguise more.

We also talked about playing division opponents a second time and how much defensive coordinators changed schemes. Ryan pointed out a couple of exceptions. He said the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers stay true to who they are defensively from one game to the next and don't make radical scheme changes. On the other hand, the New Orleans Saints bring a whole new set of pressures and looks the second time around in an attempt to confuse the offense. Rodgers said the Bears threw some new wrinkles at him with coverages the second time and it required some adjustments during the game.


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WE just need to make sure those 5 blockers do their job and learn to play together to pick up blitzers, and stunts from pass rushers. We struggled with that last year, there wasnt alot of situations were our Lineman were beat straight up one-on-one, but moreso struggling to pick up the blitz and stunts.

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