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Can't access it. Can someone copy and paste??

Seriously, it's not really worth it, but here you go:

Saints predicted to win NFC South

By Ryan Fowler, Whatifsports.com Content Manager

July 15th, 2010







NFL Features

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NFL 2010 Archives

After a five month hibernation, the NFL is about to poke its head out of the cave. Training camps around the country break out in a couple weeks. We are less than a month from the Bengals versus Cowboys and the first pre-season game in Canton. The September 9th regular season kicks off down in the bayou and sends the defending champs out on to the field against the same NFC team they beat to reach the Super Bowl.

A sober Sean Payton (read his book) on the sidelines toting Lombardi's Trophy versus a hungry, white stubble faced, Wrangler wearing quarterback with a surgically repaired ankle (we think) and a talented cast around him.

The National Football League knows how to make an entrance.

We know your Whatifsports.com football diet has been craving nourishment. Well, we are about to provide you a pre-season appetizer before training camps start. Beginning Monday July 12th, Whatifsports.com will preview a NFL Division-a-Day for eight straight days.

Throughout the 2010 NFL season, Whatifsports.com will provide Foxsports.com its game predictions and

Fox Sports Fantasy Football fantasy projections on a weekly basis. Using our NFL simulation engine, we have "played" the entire 2010 NFL season. Each game was simulated 501 times. The simulation engine has provided us game-by-game predictions and projected fantasy stats for all 32 NFL teams and 350 players.

Rosters and depth charts are up-to-date and as accurate as possible as of June 30, 2010. A schedule of upcoming NFL preview content including links to other previews that have already been posted is located here.

For details on how we generate the results and the definition of the Absolute Record, click here.

To hide the details, click here.

For this analysis, each regular season game is simulated 501 times, with the sum of the winning percentages of those games being our final predicted record. As can be noted, sometimes a team is "favored" (wins more than 50% of the time) in a different number of our games than the expected record shows. We list this record as the Absolute Record. The assumption of the Absolute Record is that the more likely scenario always happens. Since we know that it does not, our expected record (in parentheses next to each team) is far more accurate. Also, especially since we are rounding, it is possible for a team to win a game more often, yet score the same or fewer points on average. In those cases, for Absolute Records, we always take higher winning percentage and are not predicting a tie or a win by an underdog. This is another reason why the expected records are more accurate, as the teams are so evenly matched, the game could easily go either way.

Also, we account for players with injury histories who are considered likely to miss games despite currently being healthy by randomly taking them out of what the analysis dictates is the correct number of games throughout the season. For players who will begin the season injured or who are assumed to replace the current starter during the season, we deliberately make those roster changes in the appropriate weeks. All of these items can cause some perceived inconsistencies with the scores, especially when a team plays one opponent from its division with one set of starters and uses different personnel later.

Today we preview the NFC South

New Orleans Saints (WIS Prediction: 12-4)

Absolute Record: 15-1

The New Orleans Saints' offense produced video game numbers week after week in 2009. In the 16-game regular season, they racked up over 400 yards of offense on average. Then they averaged 35.7 points per game in the post-season more than the 31.9 points they averaged through the regular season. Drew Brees' arm should be insured by Lloyds of London if it isn't already. Ironic, considering a few years ago his shoulder was shredded and rebuilt surgically. Then, in front of the largest television audience ever, Sean Payton led his team to a dramatic upset win over Peyton Manning and the Colts. Tracy Porter's interception return for a touchdown in the 4th quarter will go down as one of those classic Super Bowl highlights. Before repeating as Super Bowl champs, the Saints first must win the NFC South again, a feat nobody has been able to achieve since 2002.

Drew Brees

Most Significant Newcomer: Alex Brown, DE- Super Bowl champions or not, the Saints still need to clean up their defense. They lost Scott Fujita to Cleveland, but signed former Chicago Bear Alex Brown to aid the defensive line. He will work with playmaker Will Smith to make opposing quarterbacks' lives ****. Brown recorded 48 tackles and 6 sacks in 2009, but the Saints are hoping Smith can help motivate him to boost those numbers in 2010.

Biggest Strength: Offense- This is what we call a profound statement. Drew Brees is going to fly off fantasy store shelves because of the numbers he's tallied the last two seasons. Seven players had 35 receptions or more last season for the Saints. Marques Colston had the most with 70, so Brees is sharing the wealth. The running game also surged onto the scene with Pierre Thomas bursting out along with Mike Bell. The tandem rushed for over 1400 yards and 11 touchdowns. The offensive line's ability to keep Brees off the Superdome turf will need to continue. Brees was only sacked 20 times in 2009, 4th best in the NFL.

Most Exploitable Weakness: Defense - Coach Payton's heart may not be able to deal with 42-35 shootouts for much longer especially if he continues to sleep with Lombardi's Trophy. Google for more information on that story. The Saints' defense ranked in the bottom 10 in the NFL allowing 357.8 yards per game. The good news is their secondary is strong with Darren Sharper returning and Porter, Jabari Green and Roman Harper prowling down field.

Possible Fantasy Sleeper: Reggie Bush, RB- His name is not one people have been sleeping on, but his fantasy output has been suspect since his rookie season. Last season, behind Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell, Bush put together a well-balance season with 390 yards on the ground with five touchdowns and 335 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns. His punt return skills need to improve and could kick in some bonus points if he makes a house call. Perhaps cutting Kim K. loose may clear his mind. Great flex position draft pick.

Closest Game: Week 15 @ Ravens (Avg. Score 23-22 - Saints)

Fantasy Notables: Drew Brees (3rd) 4635 yds, 33 TDs, 11 INTs; Pierre Thomas (18th) 786 rush yds, 11 TDs (total); Marques Colston (12th) 1075 rec. yds, 7 TDs; Jeremy Shockey (14th) 604 rec. yds, 4 TDs; Garrett Hartley 27-35 FGs, 48 XPs

2010 New Orleans Saints

Week Opponent Win% Avg Score

1 Minnesota Vikings 57 26-23

2 @San Francisco 49ers 78 24-15

3 Atlanta Falcons 91 32-14

4 Carolina Panthers 63 27-21

5 @Arizona Cardinals 88 27-14

6 @Tampa Bay Buccaneers 91 27-11

7 Cleveland Browns 92 35-12

8 Pittsburgh Steelers 67 28-21

9 @Carolina Panthers 56 24-23

11 Seattle Seahawks 93 33-12

12 @Dallas Cowboys 40 22-27

13 @Cincinnati Bengals 66 23-19

14 St. Louis Rams 95 36-10

15 @Baltimore Ravens 52 23-22

16 @Atlanta Falcons 85 28-17

17 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 95 34-11

Atlanta Falcons (WIS Prediction: 6-10)

Absolute Record: 6-10

The 2009 Atlanta Falcons could be a health care epidemic by themselves. The team's 2008 playoff pedestal started to crumble when both Matt Ryan and Michael Tuner caught the injury bug. Matty Ice (I thought it was too early to give him a nickname and a razor blade commercial) was nagged by turf toe the second half of the season and his play on the field showed the effects. He threw 14 interceptions in his 14 games. The "Burner's" production hit the skids in '09. From 1,699 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns two seasons ago to 871 yards and ten scores in 2009, Turner recently admitted to SI he got too fat last season. That added weight plus 376 carries in 2008 and his body, more specifically his ankle, gave out. The tender ankle residing at the bottom of the beast muted Turner's explosiveness that made him so dangerous in 2008.

Roddy White

Most Significant Newcomer: Dunta Robinson, CB- The Falcons' rush defense ranked in the Top 10 in 2009 only letting up 106.8 yard per game and forcing 12 fumbles (3rd best). Their secondary was sub-par and was ranked 28th in total yards allowed through the air, while conceding 25 touchdowns compared to 15 interceptions. Robinson joins the Falcons after spending the past six seasons with the Texans. This guy should shore up the pass defense. He will join guys like Jamaal Anderson, Jonathan Babineaux and John Abraham who have laid the foundation for the Atlanta defense.

Biggest Strength: Offense- Matt Ryan to Roddy White is becoming a regular occurrence on Sundays. The sixth-year wide-out continues to fly below the radar of upper echelon receivers, but racked up over 1000 yards receiving and caught 11 touchdown passes in 2009. The return of fellow wide-out Harry Douglas could benefit Ryan and White as the Falcons missed having a #2 option in the passing game (though Mike Jenkins did his best). Douglas will sway double-teams away from White and provide Ryan a trio of aerial weapons (White, Douglas and Tony Gonzalez). The Falcons also have insurance if Turner's health comes into question; Jerious Norwood and Jason Snelling have proven themselves worthy of playing time should the situation arise.

Most Exploitable Weakness: Health - Injuries to Ryan and Turner forced the Falcons to take two monster steps back in 2009. The franchise needs both commodities on the field to have any crack of making the playoffs. I'm sorry, but Chris Redman, John Parker Wilson, and D-J Shockley will not be leading you into January. After missing last season, Douglas' playmaking ability will be questioned early on, but the team is high on this guys upside. You can dock me two points for using the term "upside." I tried my best.

Possible Fantasy Sleeper: Harry Douglas, WR- Returning from a torn ACL in football is like heading back to the office after an intense fight with you boss. You are hesitant and anxious, yet still stoked that you still have a job. Douglas missed all of 2008 when it was thought he and White were ready to do some serious damage down field. He may have to battle Michael Jenkins early on for playing time, but if he can build on what he did in 2008 (23 receptions, 320 yards), Douglas could be a steal in later rounds.

Closest Game: Week 1 vs Steelers (Avg. Score 17-16 - Steelers)

Fantasy Notables: Matt Ryan (22nd) 3387 yds, 17 TDs, 18 INTs; Michael Turner (13th) 1261 rush yds, 11 TDs (total); Roddy White (15th) 1137 rec. yds, 5 TDs; Tony Gonzalez (10th) 729 rec. yds, 4 TDs; Matt Bryant (29th) 21-34 FGs, 29 XPs

2010 Atlanta Falcons

Week Opponent Win% Avg Score

1 @Pittsburgh Steelers 50 16-17

2 Arizona Cardinals 59 19-14

3 @New Orleans Saints 9 14-32

4 San Francisco 49ers 42 16-17

5 @Cleveland Browns 56 19-18

6 @Philadelphia Eagles 12 12-29

7 Cincinnati Bengals 33 16-19

9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 73 23-13

10 Baltimore Ravens 16 13-23

11 @St. Louis Rams 71 21-15

12 Green Bay Packers 8 12-28

13 @Tampa Bay Buccaneers 68 19-16

14 @Carolina Panthers 17 13-27

15 @Seattle Seahawks 57 18-17

16 New Orleans Saints 15 17-28

17 Carolina Panthers 22 15-24

Carolina Panthers (WIS Prediction: 12-4)

Absolute Record: 13-3

It's been a busy off-season in Charlotte. Jake Delhomme packed his bags for the bright lights of Cleveland, Ohio. Carolina drafted Jimmy Clausen with their first pick. This automatically makes quarterback Matt Moore's starting role shaky at best. Steve Smith recently broke his arm in a flag football game, creating panic attacks inside Panther nation. Dwayne Jarrett is option number 2. Yikes. The success of Carolina depends on the 1-2 combo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart and their Top 10 defense from a year ago.

Two-Headed Monster

DeAngelo Williams D-Will and J-Stew combined for over 2200 yards

Most Significant Newcomer: Jimmy Clausen, QB- Clausen is a welcomed sight for Carolina head coach John Fox. Not only is he a viable option at quarterback, but he may deter some of the attention away from the common news story surrounding Fox's job security. Clausen will also force Matt Moore to raise his game to the next level if he indeed wants to keep the starting gig he assumed late last season following Delhomme's meltdown. Clausen's 161.4 QB rating while at Notre Dame is hard to ignore. He threw 28 touchdowns and only four picks his junior season in South Bend. As long as he realizes the need to improve to survive the NFL, he could move into the starting slot sooner rather than down the road.

Biggest Strength: Rushing Offense- Sharing is caring. DeAngelo and J-Stew proved two superstar running backs can co-exist within a line-up. Remember, when you were a kid and mom scooped out some ice cream for you and your sibling? You had to make sure both rations were distributed evenly. Carolina did a great job keeping both boys happy when it came to touches. J-Stew had 221 carried to Williams' 216. Together they rushed for over 2200 yards. Carolina's 156.1 rush yards per game trailed only the Jets and Titans for tops in the NFL. So load up the box because this duo are options 1 and 1a on offense come 2010.

Most Exploitable Weakness: Wide Receivers - Kenny Moore, Charly Martin, Dexter Jackson and Wallace Wright combined for 9 receptions in 2009. These are John Fox's options behind Steve Smith (broken arm) and Dwayne Jarrett (who, by the way, had 17 receptions for 196 yards in 2009). Armanti Edwards, the rookie QB turned WR out of Appalachian State, could get some reps too if the previously mentioned don't find a niche. Jeff King and Dante Rosario will rule the tight end position, but don't expect huge numbers with Moore at QB. He only had one game where he threw for over 200 yards the last five games of last season.

Possible Fantasy Sleeper: Jimmy Clausen- This could be considered a cop-out, but Clausen wasn't drafted in the 2nd round to hold a clipboard for long. Fantasy sleeper is a tough category to judge down in Carolina because the offense runs through its running backs. Steve Smith is the obvious choice for wide receiving fantasy option and Dwayne Jarrett hasn't showed us anything yet to be drafted ahead of a kicker. Carolina's defense, ranking in the top 5 in interceptions and forced fumbles a year ago, may have been a Fantasy Sleeper had they not lost so much talent.

Closest Game: Week 11 vs Ravens (Avg. Score 20-18 - Panthers)

Fantasy Notables: Matt Moore (13th) 3689 yds, 22 TDs, 7 INTs; DeAngelo Williams (4th) 1435 rush yds, 15 TDs (total); Steve Smith (9th) 1228 rec. yds, 6 TDs; Jeff King (27th) 341 rec. yds, 2 TDs; John Kasay (8th) 27-35 FGs, 42 XPs

2010 Carolina Panthers

Week Opponent Win% Avg Score

1 @New York Giants 52 23-22

2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 92 29-10

3 Cincinnati Bengals 65 22-15

4 @New Orleans Saints 37 21-27

5 Chicago Bears 85 26-11

7 San Francisco 49ers 78 23-12

8 @St. Louis Rams 92 28-12

9 New Orleans Saints 44 23-24

10 @Tampa Bay Buccaneers 88 25-11

11 Baltimore Ravens 51 20-18

12 @Cleveland Browns 87 25-12

13 @Seattle Seahawks 86 24-12

14 Atlanta Falcons 83 27-13

15 Arizona Cardinals 88 27-10

16 @Pittsburgh Steelers 45 18-21

17 @Atlanta Falcons 78 24-15

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (WIS Prediction: 4-12)

Absolute Record: 2-14

Tampa Bay has a long way to go before they are a threat in the NFC South and a playoff contender. The Buccs lost their first seven games in 2009 and Josh Freeman had to take his lumps, as a rookie, in the middle of the misery. The quarterback of the future did lead TB to its three wins, but desperately needs a supporting cast to help him carry the offensive load. Tight end Kellen Winslow is his best option right now. Antonio Bryant was plagued by injuries in 2009 and is now a Bengal and Michael Clayton is not earning much of his $24-million contract. Cadillac Williams' history with injuries is always a cause for concern. Their defense didn't help matters, ranking 27th overall in 2009. Raheem Morris has a lot of work to do to get this team back to prominence.

Gerald McCoy

Most Significant Newcomer: 2010 Draftees- Tampa Bay needs some new blood and the 2010 Draft was the place to start. The Buccs plugged a huge hole by taking defensive tackles Gerald McCoy with their first round pick and Brian Price with their second rounder. McCoy is automatically a starter, while Price could work his way into a starting gig if the veterans in front of him don't perform. Raheem Morris also got some help for Freeman at wide receiver. The Buccs drafted Arelious Benn out of Illinois and Mike Williams out of Syracuse. Though veteran newcomer, Reggie Brown holds the advantage right now, don't be surprised if Benn gets some touches before mid-season.

Biggest Strength: Kellen Winslow- The soldier returns for a second tour of duty with Tampa Bay. He's coming off his best season since 2007. Winslow caught 77 balls and averaged over 11 yards a reception in 2009. He found the end zone five times matching his 2007 output. Josh Freeman has no choice but to make Winslow his go-to-guy until others show they have what it takes to make plays every Sunday.

Most Exploitable Weakness: Rushing Defense- If you participated in a fantasy football league in 2009, you knew if one of your running backs were facing the Buccs, you were in for a good week. If neither of your running backs were playing the Buccs, you hit the waiver wire ASAP to add a running back that was. Tampa Bay made every team feel like they had Barry Sanders coming out of the backfield last season. They allowed 158.2 rushing yards per game, dead last in the NFL. Though the team addressed needs on the D-line in the draft, they are young and untested, which could make for a ground game feeding frenzy this season as well.

Possible Fantasy Sleeper: Reggie Brown, WR- Though his final two seasons in Philly left little to be desired from a fantasy standpoint, Brown has found the zone on a number of occasions in the past. From 2005-2007 he scored 16 touchdown for the Eagles. The pickings are slim in Tampa and this could be a case of right place, nobody else to throw to, right time for Brown to resurrect his career down in FLA.

Closest Game: Week 1 vs Browns (Avg. Score 18-16 - Browns)

Fantasy Notables: Josh Freeman (18th) 3530 yds, 19 TDS, 27 INTs; Cadillac Williams (34th) 758 rush yds, 6 TDs (total); Reggie Brown (21st) 1077 rec. yds, 5 TDs; Kellen Winslow (7th) 758 rec. yds, 4 TDs; Connor Barth 22-34 FGs, 28 XPs

2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week Opponent Win% Avg Score

1 Cleveland Browns 49 16-18

2 @Carolina Panthers 8 10-29

3 Pittsburgh Steelers 41 16-17

5 @Cincinnati Bengals 10 8-25

6 New Orleans Saints 9 11-27

7 St. Louis Rams 56 19-15

8 @Arizona Cardinals 32 12-19

9 @Atlanta Falcons 27 13-23

10 Carolina Panthers 12 11-25

11 @San Francisco 49ers 27 11-21

12 @Baltimore Ravens 6 8-29

13 Atlanta Falcons 32 16-19

14 @Washington Redskins 12 10-25

15 Detroit Lions 65 20-14

16 Seattle Seahawks 43 16-17

17 @New Orleans Saints 5 11-34

Edited by Porkins
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Guest Gritz

This site and its writers display one of the things I love most about this country.

You are free every day to proudly display what a ****in' idiot you are.

Long live the U.S.A!

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Strange, the final power rankings from this website have the falcons a better team than the Panthers at the end of 09, then the panthers lost Peppers, Davis and many others- how are the panthers a better team?

For BCEagleatlfalcon: its a site where they run simulated games to make predictions. They have the falcons going 6-10 and the panthers 12-4.

They've obviously taken the numbers from last year for Turner and Ryan and run them for this year without allowing for a return to heath and/or improvement from either. They've also assumed that Moore is as good as he looked in 6 games- a dangerous assumption.

I just started a thread where the humans that do predictions for a living think that the Falcons are a good, up and coming team- I'll take that over a simulation site any day.

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Guest Gritz

Here's the email I just sent to their "Content Manager." His email address is : rfowler@whatifsports.com

Falcons 6-10 in 2010?

****, you guys are either idiots or you really don't know much about the NFL.

Regardless of which affliction you collectively suffer from it can't be that pleasant to try and get through life being that clueless.

I wasn't really all that angry about your Falcons prediction, especially when I saw that your pinhead writer(s) picked the Panthers to go 12-4 and picked the Saints to seal up the BP leak and cure cancer on their off day.

You guys suck something powerful.

Stupidity like that can't go unrewarded. :lol::lol:

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You may not have noticed this, in his fantasy projections for the QBs:

Matt Ryan 3387 yds, 17 TDs, 18 INTs;

Matt Moore 3689 yds, 22 TDs, 7 INTs

Right, of course, he doesn't have to explain why Ryan regresses and how Moore has such an incredible season.

Ok, there is no way those are the numbers for those two. Maybe if you switch the names, but then the TDs would still be too low for Ryan at 22.

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