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Need some help about our 3rd down def of last season

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I have a project due on 8/3 which includes a 500 word essay, a chart from excel, and a powerpoint presentation. I need help from all my fellow falcons fans because the topic i choose was our horrible play n defense on third downs. I was thinking of a chart showing the percent of plays between 5,10,15 yards and also both sides of the field and red zone alike. For the powerpoint i need 7 slides i'm sure i could put some pictures and a couple facts about the picture/game to tie it all in and make it look nice. I'm search nfl.com see what i could find which i know for a fact is a lot with the game logs and ect... If you guy have any neat sites i could look at i would appreciate it or just any facts or anything it would be cool. thank alot for u help

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What I suggest doing is going to all the NFL.com gameday pages and looking at the drive charts. That will show you all the plays and information concerning them(run/pass, how many yards, penatlies, who made the tackle, etc). Then find a site to download the games off of and watch them yourself to get a better idea of what precisely happened. Use highlights and pictures captured at the games, analysis on our players on defense, and some background on defensive concepts that we implemented last year in relation to what actually happened and what the offense did to us. Doing that should be plenty good enough.

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I don't know of any site that has the stats you want already broken down.

Falcons put out a game day preview for every game- lots of good stats. You can download the pdf of the game preview pack here . That's for the the last game of the season- has summaries of every game except the last one. You could find a summary of the last game at NFL.com or ESPN- Don't know anywhere where you could get the stats broken down by 5/ 10/ 15 yards or red zone- the preview pack would allow you to do it manually and have almost all the info in one place.

Can you do a chart of comparing Atlanta's overall 3rd down % to the rest of the league instead?

Might do Atlanta's % by quarters of the season or individual games and see if they improved over the year. Either of these options means a lot less work for you, although there's only a couple of hundred 3rd downs from last year.

If you want to do all 200+, the stats for each game are in the back of the preview. I'd start at the first game summary and do a search for "3". [sorry if that's a "well duh" thing for you, took me a while to figure out the best way to search]Then you'll have to do a search through the play-by-play of the second Tampa game.

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