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DE Craig Marshall: No. 94 (6-4, 264)


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Possesses the typical South Florida build for a defensive lineman. Tall, lean and long-armed. Showcases natural athleticism and flexibility when asked to coil up into his stance and does a nice job of getting his hands under the pad level of opposing linemen. However, needs to do a better job of keeping his base down into contact and extending his long arms into blocks. Doesn’t generate much of a pop on contact from his lower half as a puncher and isn’t a consistent stack and shed guy when run at. Now, has the body control/length to rip himself free once the play passes and will work from the backside, and he does possess the frame to add even more strength/girth to both his upper and lower body and become a much better run defender. But as of now he isn’t there yet.

Displays a good first step as a pass rusher and possesses the length and upper body strength to eventually shed himself free from blocks. Also is very nifty for a guy his size with the body control to cleanly change directions and accelerate up the field. However, again, is still learning to play with leverage and maintain balance when extending his arms into blocks. Consistently waits until he is engaged to try to start working his hands and allows his pad level to pop upright consistently into contact, keeping him from generating maximum power on his bull rush and/or fighting his way through contact.

Impression: He’s a good-looking piece of clay who has a skill set and frame that is NFL caliber. Needs some work, but definitely looks like a draftable prospect on pure upside alone. More of a developmental guy at this stage who could end up paying off big time if you are patient.


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