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Kerry Meier close to agreeing to terms with the Falcons


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BIRDLAND – Falcons wide receiver Kerry Meier, a fifth round draft pick, is set to come into the fold soon, according to his agent Vann McElroy.

“We’re close,” said McElroy, Meier’s Houston-based agent via phone Tuesday morning. “We’re real close.”

The Falcons do not comment about ongoing negotiations.

Meier was the 165th player taken in the 2010 NFL draft. Of the 38 fifth round picks, 28 have signed.

The Falcons have signed four of their six draft picks. Meier and Falcons first round draft pick Sean Weatherspoon are the remaining unsigned rookies.

“We’ll definitely have it done before training camp,” McElroy said. “We should be done with

it next week.”

With the players set to report for training camp on July 29, Weatherspoon’s deal could go down to the wire.

Only one player selected in the first two rounds has signed and no first round pick has signed yet.

Meier, 23, began as a quarterback at Kansas, but was switched to wide receiver in 2007. The 6-foot-2, 224-pound receiver set career (226) and single-season (102) receiving marks for the Jayhawks.

After the draft, Meier was asked about his favorite routes while at Kansas.

“I caught a lot of balls over the middle,” Meier said. “A lot of over routes, whether if they came off of a boot or a naked (boot). I caught a lot of balls over the middle, catching like digs . . . the intermediate routes. I got a lot of mileage out of catching balls over the middle.”

The competition at the wide receiver position will be fierce in training camp. After Roddy White, Michael Jenkins and Harry Douglas, there are seven players on the roster fighting for two or three spots.

The other wide receivers include Brian Finneran, Eric Weems, Troy Bergeron, Tim Buckley, Brandyn Harvey, Andy Strickland and Ryan Wolfe.


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Hope we can stash Harvey on the practice squad if he doesn't make the team. I think he can be like Colston for us. Put him and Wolfe on the PS and save them for next year. I don't really care for Weems but he will probably be around for one more year.

Way I see it:





Finneran (Harvey could go here)


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This front office has always been great about getting rookies into camp on time.

Any word on Spoon's progress?

I would certainly expect it done before camp. These guys are amazing at getting contracts done and we finally have a front office that knows rookies can't miss any time to be productive.

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I really think Kerry could be a useful tool in the Falcons Offense if he hits the field this year. His skill set is unique in that he was a player who transitioned from College QB to WR. I think that will go a long way for him as he views the field as a quarterback would. His game is more cerebral than some of the other receivers that we are looking at, and indeed it is more cerebral than some of the receivers that we played 09 with.

Watching how Edelmann a former college QB was able to transition WR in training camp was able to chip in with nearly 400 receiving yards and a TD, and how Collie was able to dial up 600+ yards and 7 TDs; I would have high aspirations for Kerry in Matt's 3rd year if Mularkey does open up things more in the passing game and encourage a more interchangeable receiving line up now that we have what is in my opinion improved depth at the position. If we are predicting that Matt goes over 3,500 yards, if Kerry makes the squad I would be expecting him to make at least an Edelmann type contribution.

I agree that the Falcons offense needs a dynamic player in the receivers group or backfield a Percy Harvin/ Dexter McCluster/ CJ Spiller type guy who can contribute to your back field but also line up regularly as a receiver. But having a young guy like Kerry to learn from a seasoned vet like Finn is a just as useful in my opinion. Watch the tape on Meier he's not gonna burn the field at this level, but he can certainly pick it apart. He is the kind of guy with his route running in zone coverage, and his body positioning in man coverage who will provide a QB with what he needs.

We have guys like Roddy, and a healthy HD who can stretch the field with speed and be dynamic. We have Tony G to work the mid range passes from side line to side line depending on how we align him and we have Jenkins, who to me like others is a conundrum. Jenkins is like the box of chocolates we're yet to experience the best of. He is not a poor quality player, he's a good player playing pretty average in my opinion which is actually more frustrating when we know that he can do better.

With Finn aging and very battle worn, a youthful injection with a player who fits his mould would be very handy for Matt. The kid has a sure set of hands and a strong work ethic. I've already found myself wishing that he was a TE because I think we would have found ourselves a player that Tony G could have tutored and not been thinking about needing to get someone in next year.

I think in a few years Meier's addition to this team will be one that we are grateful for because he can unselfishly provide the team with a guy who is happy to be a part of the supporting cast rather than a star in the show which was evidenced by the circumstances of his transition from QB to Wr.

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I have wondered what the hold up was with his contract. He's a 5th round pick, it's not like he has a ton of leverage..

Not sure if it took Meier a little time to deal with his brother, and didn't want to be concerned with signing a contract. Totally understandable IMHO. Of course, I don't know, but there isn't much wiggle room in a negotiation for a 5th round pick. He gets less than the 164th pick and more than the 166th pick. No one will blow the slotting system outside of the early first round.

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