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ANy update on Douglas?

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the truth of the matter is nobody outside of the inner circle at Flowery Branch really knows for sure.

Dimitroff/Smith are being very tight-lipped about the whole injury situation. The only response ever given when reporters inquire about Jerry/Douglas is "they are progressing well and should be ready for camp". While that may sound like a lot of information it really is not.

I hope both players are ready as both players make the Falcons team much better. I was concerned when I saw Peria Jerry limping around at Falcon OTA's back in late April 6.5 months removed from knee surgery. I'm sure it takes the bigger guys longer to recover than the smaller guys though. My philosophy is I don't want either player coming back until they are 100% as the possibility for re-injury is much greater when rushed back. Just look at what happened w/ Michael Turner last year.

I'm sure Dimitroff/Smith will make the right call - they usually do.

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Having torn my LCL and Patellar Tendon I understand the limping. I played safety and obviously it doesn't compare to the weight and rigors of DT you still know you tore that knee up. So when you get tired and your knee gets tired, you are weary to place too much on it. It's not that it is still injury it is subconcious. If he was good they wouldn't let him have done those drills.

Backpedaling 100 yds nonstop would cause my knee to tighten sometimes leading me to limp (and that was just warm up) but after a month or 2, I was fine and knew my knee could withstand playing again. The benefit they have is that Douglas was hurt last summer and Jerry was hurt in the 2nd game. So they have had a full year basically to recover. I am confident that Douglas will be 100% at the start of camp and Jerry will be about 85%. I think Peters' presence helps Jerry so that when the season starts and he is taking full speed snaps and gets tired, Peters can rotate in

I'm not really concerned. I am just worried about reinjury which I think would be a freak accident like Thomas Davis'

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