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SEC releases official 2010 football schedule ...


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2010 Schedule Grid

Some good TV matchups -- week 6 looks really nice with Alabama/South Carolina, Florida/LSU, UGA/UT, and Arkansas/Texas A&M.

Also kudos to Florida and Arkansas -- they are the only SEC opponents who did not schedule a bye week before their game with Alabama. Again, I have mentioned it before, but the SEC office needs to get this situation rectified with future schedules -- it is not that difficult to create a schedule with some balance as far as bye weeks before opponents.

As evident in the grid, the 2010 breakdown for playing an SEC opponent coming off of a bye week is as follows:

Alabama -- 6 SEC opponents coming off of a bye (including 5 straight opponents)

LSU -- 1 SEC opponent coming off of a bye

Tennessee -- 1 SEC opponent coming off of a bye

Georgia -- 1 SEC opponent coming off of a bye

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I don't either but I hope we bust some skulls regardless. If we go into Alabama and get sh*thammered like we did last time I'm going to be really disappointed.

I think it is going to be a heck of a matchup. I am looking forward to seeing how Meyer adapts the offense this season to Brantley.

As for the schedule, there is zero chance Alabama goes undefeated in the SEC Regular Season for a third straight year. I think we lose two of those three games against Arkansas, South Carolina, and Florida. Auburn and LSU games will be very tough also.

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